09 marzo

Another 200 Brevet - Polas terras Altas

It took me a while to write the report, I hope you will like it!

Me and the Jake, just after we finished the brevet

Almost one year has passed since the first time I participate in a Brevet, and one week ago I did ride a 200 Brevet once more. Again the club organizing it was the CCRiazor from A Coruña (they do organize all the Brevets here in Galicia) but this time though things were a bit different for me.

For starters, last year I rode the 200 by the end of March (one month later than this time) and by then I had a lot more kms on my legs, including several rides over 100km and even one near 140km. This time the Brevet arrived after a couple of months of not much cycling (including 24 days of no cycling at all) the longer ride being a 75km ride and with the feeling that I was going to suffer way too much if I wanted to finish it.

But... I managed. I did finish it (in an acceptable amount of time) and I had lots and lots of good moments and fun. Oh, well, and a bit of suffering too of course! ;-D

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