08 mayo

New brevet ride: The 300

300km, +4811m, 13 hours and 12 minutes moving time, awesome!

Me, at the end, leaving the brevet card in the suitcase

The moment I decided that I was going to attempt doing a 200 brevet I thought it was going to be something hard to accomplish, really hard. I even had serious doubts that I was going to make it.

But I did, and I felt so incredibly well, both during the brevet and afterwards, that when the 300 was announced I said to myself - "Why not?". Suddendly, the idea of attempting the 300 hundred got sticked to my mind and I wanted to do it. I checked the route several times, it was tough (look at the elevation gain) but it was a damned lovely one! I already knew some of those roads, and I was quite sure it was going to be an amazing ride.

So, I talked about the idea at home, with dolo, and she encouraged me to do it - "I think it is a good idea but, do you think you are ready for something like that?" - Her words just clicked me, I was going to do it - "Sure I am!" - I replied, and I was damn sure I was going to make it.

The next few weeks I did stick to my usual riding plans, I did nothing special in preparation for the 300. I did read a bit more about longer brevets though, and I got some stuff I would need for it (better front light, new frame bag, powerbank, tools bottle...).

Deciding how to pack everything I would need was one of the most challenging parts of it. I did a first test ride to test the front lights, riding at the same hour in the night that I expected to be back by the end of the brevet (and kept riding for some time in the dark, as I had zero experience there). Then I did a couple of different bikepacking setups on the Jake, trying to find a way to setup all the bags in a comfortable way, but both tests were a complete failure. Either I had problems with the bags rubbing my legs or I found the setup not comfortable in some other ways.

Finally, Álvaro (whom I met in the 200 brevet) shared some pics of his setup and I did spot there a nice-and-slim frame bag from decathlon, which I bought and fit just perfect with my setup, which was basically that frame bag, a medium-size saddlebag and a large tools bottle where I stuffed all the food and tools I'd need. I trusted the weather forecast, so I decided not to take any really warm clothes with me (which helped reducing the amount of bulky stuff). I also decided to bring only one water bottle, trusting it would be enough to refill that one during the stops at the control points.

The Jake, ready for the 300

The bike was ready, I had all the things I'd need for it and I was definetely ready for it

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