08 marzo

Three terrible weeks

and a long road to be walked ahead

I sent this email almost three weeks ago:

Date:Thu, 18 Feb 2016 04:26:24 +0100
Subject:Bad, bad news
User-Agent:Mutt/1.5.24 (2015-08-30)

Hey guys.

Last evening my mother suffered a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

My father called me when they were getting her to the hospital in Lugo and I quickly went there too. The doctors were really pesimistic there, it seems the amount of blood adding pressure to her brain was too much.

They were helpless there, they couldn't do anything for her so they sent her to Santiago. A couple of hours afterwards she was on her way on an ambulance to the hospital here in Santiago.

Shortly after, my father and me came to Santiago too.

We've been in the hospital and we've talked with the doctors that will treat her. They are pessimistic too. So far they have to wait until tomorrow to do some tests on her, see if they can find what caused it and if there is a way to at least stop the bleeding. Then they will have to find out a way to remove all that blood and then... see if she can wake up from the coma, and how she is afterwards.

Right now I'm sitting in the bed of a hotel room by the hospital, with my father totally crashed laying on the other bed.

Life can be tough sometimes, really.

I'm afraid I won't be online tomorrow. By midday they should have the results of those tests, then they will give us some more information, and I'll get back to you.

Thanks for reading, my friends.

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27 marzo

2015 - A year in cycling pictures

Taking a look back through the pictures, I had lots of fun during last year


I've prepared a small gallery with some pictures of what 2015 was for me, related to cycling.

According to strava, I've cycled 2040 Kms in 89 hours and 40 minutes, with a total of 24650 meters of elevation gain in 58 rides. I did some more cycling, as I don't track commuting or family rides with strava, but I guess that won't make a big difference in the numbers.

Depending on how much you cycle maybe you could find those numbers too short/less or maybe you could find them awesome. For me it has been a nice improvement over previous years numbers. I'd love to go out more time, further distances, longer rides, but even so, it has been awesome almost every single time.

http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20150222-1.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20150411-5.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20150711-5.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20150821_090825.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20151111_120119.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20151114-056.png

You can check the gallery here:


I hope you will enjoy it.

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