18 septiembre


sometimes it is really hard to handle; really, really hard

Anxiety, you probably know the feeling too.

That moment when you suddently stop, trying to realize about all the things that are happening around you, but you can't. ETOOMUCH info, too many TODOs and everything spinning so damned fast.

Control?. You loose it already, you can't decide, you can't think clearly. Always rushing, doing things you don't want to do, things you swear in the past you would not do ever, things you don't like.

Then your mind starts playing tricks with you. It is like if it teletransports you to a different reality, a reality where you picture yourself doing exactly what you really want, desire, to do.

And then it is like hitting a wall, when you find yourself again in your world, no chance to be in that other world, too many things to do, too much running here and there, ending in a sensation that you are loosing your time, like if you had done nothing for the last N months|weeks|days|hours.

But you did, of course you did. Hundreds of thousands of things. But there is your mind again, playing with you, tricking you into thinking all those do not matter a s***, because there is only a very narrow list of things that are, or should be, important.

That's exactly the point where you start to become anxious, the point where you have to be strong-willed, you have to keep cool... dammit, travelling again...

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