27 marzo

2015 - A year in cycling pictures

Taking a look back through the pictures, I had lots of fun during last year


I've prepared a small gallery with some pictures of what 2015 was for me, related to cycling.

According to strava, I've cycled 2040 Kms in 89 hours and 40 minutes, with a total of 24650 meters of elevation gain in 58 rides. I did some more cycling, as I don't track commuting or family rides with strava, but I guess that won't make a big difference in the numbers.

Depending on how much you cycle maybe you could find those numbers too short/less or maybe you could find them awesome. For me it has been a nice improvement over previous years numbers. I'd love to go out more time, further distances, longer rides, but even so, it has been awesome almost every single time.

http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20150222-1.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20150411-5.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20150711-5.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20150821_090825.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20151111_120119.jpg http://e-shell.org/cycling/2015/thumbs/20151114-056.png

You can check the gallery here:


I hope you will enjoy it.

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