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22 noviembre

The day after a party...

...is the day for cleaning up

I just woke up some minutes ago. The party yesterday was a good one (at least for me). The guests arrived some minutes after I wrote my post and we drank some beers before having dinner. We had a really long dinner afterwards (talking, laughing, etc)

Having dinner with my friends and girlfriend

We switched the TV from SmoothJazz to LaSexta (just to watch the Ath. Bilbao vs F.C. Barcelona football match) and we ate Lasagna and Tiramisú among some other delicious things.

After dinner we moved to the sofas, just to had some drinks and play some games (scrabble, texas hold'em poker, etc)

After dinner, playing games while seating on the sofas

I really enjoyed the time we were playing scrabble, I like that game so much!

My letters at a given point in the game

While playing all those games, we used an online music service to play music. The songs were selected in order, each one of us was able to request a song at a time. This is the playlist:

2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone
A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran So Far Away
Ace Of Base - The Sign
Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole
Beck - Looser
Beyonce - Beautiful Liar (Feat. Shakira)
Beyonce - Beautiful Liar
Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
Bob Sinclar - World Hold On
David Guetta - The World Is Mine
Dr Alban - Its My Life
Frank T - Ke Me Pasará en La Boka
Hermes House Band - Hit The Road Jack
Joaquin Sabina - No Sopor.., No Sopor...
Jose Merce - Aire
Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage
La Bouche - Be My Lover
Melendi - Caminando Por La Vida
Milow - Ayoo Technology
Pearl Jam - Nothing Man
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Safri Duo - Played-a-live
Sash - La Primavera
Scorpions - Hurricane 2000
Siempre Así - En Un Rincon Del Alma
Willie Nelson - On The Road Again

The one from Rick Astley was the last one (of course! everyone ran out of my house as soon as they realize what was that sound!)

Thnx guys (and gfs) for coming!

(now I should begin with the cleaning up)

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26 noviembre

self() 3.0 released

codename "the patient pilgrim searching for a new path"

I'm pleased to announce a new release of self(), my work-in-progress soul() implementation for the body() base class.

As announced last year, with the release of version 3.0 the 3.x branch is officially announced. This includes some major rewrites, but we have kept backwards compatibility with older versions of self().

Probably the major improvement/change from the 2.x branch is the new privilege separation code between the two main modes of operation, the so called public mode and private mode (some call them the work mode and the personal mode). Now there is a clean separation between them, avoiding overflows that ended in leaks of information and terrible consecuences in the past.

I would like to list some of the highlights of this new version:

There are, of course, some bugfixes and new security stuff:

During the development of the new 3.0 release there was some really intensive sprints, I would like to add some comments about them and the people that collaborate somehow:

You can get the source code of self() here:

Don't forget to check the usual checksums to ensure you are downloading the right version:

To end the announcement, I would like to thank everyone that made this new release posible, you are the ones responsible for such a nice job, thanks a lot, keep doing such a great effort.

For the rest of you, who didn't know about self() yet, please download it, test it and report any bugs you could find, thank you too.

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04 diciembre

Finally a new server is here!

yep, more power!

Quick post from the new datacenter of Asturhosting (just 5-10 minutes walking from the new Carlos Tartiere football stadium). I arrived here yesterday in order to visit my friends here and to drop the new server into the datacenter.

I'll use this new one as the base for the projects I'm going to be involved with during the next few months.

Two years have passed since my last visit so instead of just dropping the server, I've been here for 2 days, having fun with Edu and Laura (and now, with Enol too).

For the next 2 days I will be in Cantabria, next Bilbao, and finally I'll be back home on Tuesday.

See ya and hf!

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15 diciembre

Cantabria Infinita

... y un poco de asturias tambien!

Como ya comenté en mi anterior post, los días 3,4 y 5 de diciembre estuve en Asturias, visitando a mis viejos amigos de Asturhosting en Oviedo (y de paso dejando alli el nuevo servidor de Codigo23).

Lo que no había tenido tiempo de comentar era que del 5 al 8 estuve en Cantabria, comunidad autónoma que todavía no había visitado nunca.

Fue una visita rápida, pero muy bien aprovechada, estableciendo la base de operaciones en Queveda (en la Posada de Peredo y Villa) y visitando lugares como Santander, Castro Urdiales, Comillas, Santillana del Mar o San Vicente de la Barquera entre otros.

Además de visitar pueblos y ciudades varias, estuve en las cuevas de El Soplao y en el MUJA (MUseo del Jurásico de Asturias). Vamos, lo que se dice un viaje completito.

Aquí os dejo algunas fotos, para que podais abrir boca y que os pique el gusanillo de visitar una de las zonas mas bonitas, agradables y acojedoras de España (la costa cantábrica).

La entrada del MUJA, en Colunga (Asturias)

La entrada del MUJA, en Colunga (Asturias).

Tengo algunas fotos más...

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17 diciembre

xkcd - I'm god

an interesting point of view of what is really important in our lives...

xkcd 676

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26 diciembre

The day after Xmas

staying on the sofa, with a blanket, my laptop and a book nearby...

The day after Xmas is a day to relax, to just slack a little bit and do not worry about anything. For me, this year, it is time to stay home (perhaps that way I'll get rid of that cold I catched last week).

It is the day to take your time to see/try/analize your Xmas presents.

This year I've got a really nice one, a star wars based T-shirt in the usual Galician Humor style:

I'm going to tell your father!


Basically it says: I'm going to tell this to your father and it is so funny because of who they are, of course! ;D

Merry Xmas and hope you will have a good end of 2009 and beginning of 2010!

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28 diciembre

Streets Of Fire

what a discover!

Streets Of Fire, what a discover!

Streets Of Fire is a movie from 1984 I didn't know until some minutes ago (and I watched it by accident as I found it in one of the TV channels just some hours ago).

From the IMDB:

It is another time... Another Place... where the 1950's is mixed with the present or the future. In a city where it is always nighttime, during a concert performing live before a crowd of her fans, singer Ellen Aim is kidnapped by motorcycle gang leader Raven Shaddock and his gang "The Bombers" on stage. Billy Fish, Ellen's manager and boyfriend hires Ellen's Ex boyfriend, Hired mercenary Tom Cody (who has arrived in town to visit his sister Reva) to rescue Ellen from the Bomber's nightclub...

If you want to see a funny action movie from the eighties, you shouldn't miss that one!

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08 enero

I love the snow

is it anything better than waking up in the morning and discover the streets covered by snow?

The weather reports adviced us about this. It was supposed to began to snow 2 days ago, and it had been snowing since that time aprox.

I really like the snow, the cold weather... too bad I still have some kind of a strong cold that is hurting my throat and my ears a lot :(

Anyway, I took some pictures. I took these ones yesterday, after work:

Even enough to create a small "snow angel" with it

Even enough to create a small "snow angel" with it I made the angel with the snow covering the car

And this is the street where I live, this morning:

The snow covering the street this morning

The snow covering the street this morning The snow covering the street this morning (2) The snow covering the street this morning (3)

Even if it is not that much snow, it is enough to block my garage/parking, so today I'll be working from home, as I can't get the car out!

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13 enero



Si es que, el IRC es una herramienta muy útil:

[17:01:55]        pAvL0 | joer, el /var/log/messages no me canta nada
[17:01:58]        pAvL0 | que raro
[17:02:43]           Wu | pAvl0: sysctl -w kern.fary.support=1
[17:02:48]           Wu | y deberia de empezar a repetir
[17:02:53]           Wu | "ai vaya torito"
[17:02:56]           Wu | "ai torito bravo"
[17:03:05]           Wu | "lleva botines"
[17:03:08]           Wu | "y no va descalzo"
[17:03:13]           Wu | XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Se nos va la olla y somos unos frikis!

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16 enero

A parabola do carballo e mais o eucalipto

esto vai para quen me queira entender

Fai xa tempo que queria escribir sobre este tema, e penso que o galego e a mellor lingua na que expresarme.

Unhas landras

Se ti que estas lendo esto eres galego, de seguro sabes de un problema que temos en Galicia dende fai moitos anos, o problema dos eucaliptos (ou alcolitos que lles chama o meu avo paterno). O problema podese describir con este sinxelo exemplo.

Imaxina que eres o dono dunha finca, una finca ben grande, que che quedou por parte de teus pais. Estas a pensar que facer coa finca, non o tes claro, resulta que e unha extension bastante grande, ten alguns carballos e moito verde. Nestas que ti andas a pensar en que facer, cando chega un coñecido que che di:

Oiche oh!, se o prado ese fora meu, xa o tiña plantado de alcolitos, que crecen rapido e pagan ben a madeira

E ahi que se presenta o que eu chamo a parabola do carballo e mais o eucalipto.

Na nosa terra, fai anos, era moi habitual atopar carballos no campo, nos montes. Un arbol que e bon contra os incendios, que protexe o resto da vexetacion que lle rodea e que da alimento para os animais (as landras). Dende fai algun tempo xa, en lugar de estas arbores cada vez se atopan mais plantacions de alcolitos que deixan o chan sen recursos (fixate a ver se ves herba debaixo dun) non dan alimento e son moi perigosos en caso de incendio...

¿E por que? pois por que crecen rapido e vendense ben como madeira.

¿Cara onde vou con todo esto? Pois a algo que creo que se pode aplicar de forma sinxela o meu ambito profesional, e e que non comprendo a xente que en lugar de tomar un proxecto, una idea, e traballar sobre esa idea, facendoa medrar e chegando algun dia a que ese proxecto sea beneficioso para mais xente (ainda que sexa un longo camiño); en lugar de esto, prefiren ir a donde estan os cartos, o negocio, da o mesmo o tipo de proxecto, por que non e o proxecto o que buscan, e ver donde hai cartos para propoñer calquera cousa (preferentemente se xa esta feita por outra xente e implica pouco traballo) chegar o dia X no que hay que presentar algo, coller os cartos e seguir na busca de mais choios.

Creo que agora xa sabes por onde vou. Non sei, quizais todo esto e papel mollado, ideas na miña cabeciña de lucense tolo, quizais non, e ti pensas o mismo ca min.

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