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04 noviembre

La champions vuelve a TVE

esta es historica, por lo menos

Escuchado en la retransmision del Milan 1 - 1 Real Madrid de ayer:

Este es ese momento de un partido en el que hay
mucha gente por el suelo


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Blocking incoming calls in your Symbian device

Applying firewall-like filtering in your mobile phone

It is not the first time this happens to me, receiving unwanted calls in my phone, but this time it was becoming somehow really annoying because for some days now, I've been receiving calls from an unknown ID randomly during the day. The calls only stand for 1-2 seconds and then stop.

I've been suffering it from 5 to 10 times a day so I thought I needed to put an end to it.

Of course I could call my mobile phone provider and ask them to filter the calls, but it would be a mess of calls and more calls and explain the problem to a lot of people and wait until they do it.

Luckily for me, there is this nice app CallFilter for symbian-based mobile phones that allowed me to add rules to filter incoming calls, sms, mms, etc (just like a firewall does!). It even has a default option to block calls from unknown numbers!

Tip: If you try to install it and you get an error about an expired certificate, simply change the phone date to 01/01/2007 (or any other date previous to the date in the app certificate) and you will be able to install it without problem (do not forget to put the proper date back when the install finish).

UPDATE: I've take some screenshots of the app in action in my old 6120-classic mobile phone:

First screen of the CallFilter app The main menu of the CallFilter app Adding a new rule in the CallFilter app Rule to block unknown calls in the CallFilter app Alternate menu of the CallFilter app, you can activate/deactivate rules, delete them, add new ones, etc Adding more rules in the CallFilter app

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11 noviembre

Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

basically because I don't want to...

A lot of people have been asking me the same question everytime for some months now:

Why don't you have a Twitter account?

Or, the slightly-modified version:

Why don't you have a Facebook account?

The answer is quite straight (imho):

Because I don't want to

But, let me explain myself a little bit about that topic.

If you are a close friend of mine, or you know me even only a little bit, you will know that I'm not the kind of guy that like things everybody like. Yes, that's how I am (and I'm really happy to be like this), I don't like to go to places where everybody goes or do things everybody do or use things everybody use, only because everybody go there, do that or use this. I need to check things by myself and see if I like them (ok ok, you can think now that I'm one of those exclusivity snobs that don't like things only because people use/do/go/whatever them, it could be another point of view ;D).

And I definetely don't like Twitter or Facebook.

Why? (you may be asking yourself)

Well, in the case of Twitter, I don't find it useful at all. Do not misunderstand my point, I can understand that someone could find it useful, but I don't. I don't get the point of sharing sms-like messages in a single website. If I want to write about something, I would write an article about it and the publish it somewhere. If I want to write some lines about me (my personal life, my professional experiences, whatever) I would write a post in my weblog (which is like a personal log, which makes sense to me) and if I want to communicate with someone else I would talk with that person using IRC or any other kind of instant messaging tool (or I would send this person an email if she is not available for a conversation).

I don't get the point of writing sms-sized messages in a website... sorry, even if you can subscribe using rss or use that shiny-cool-megatop app in your iphone|android|palm|nintendoDS|PSP|whatever device to read and write messages. For me it is a waste of time and some sort of re-invention of the wheel.

Of course, it is cool, because you are limited to a certain ammount of characters... WTF!. I can write too much (or too many) characters as I want in my blog!

In the case of Facebook it has nothing to do with it being useful or not. I think that the social networking idea is useful, a lot, but only if you use it properly.

Perhaps there is something wrong about me, but I can't understand why someone created two days ago a group in Facebook to support a guy here in spain that called vodafone and waited 22 hours for the call to be cancelled by the other side, while listening to the usual standby music and I can't understand that such group grew up to more than 1500 people friends. One again, a waste of time.

I don't have a Facebook account because I would not trust an external provider on having personal information about me and what is worse (imho), to have information about my relations with other people. Call me paranoid, it is ok.

I don't have a Facebook account because I would not like to receive spam messages from Facebook itself, asking me to join some stupid "have your farm" or "build your cookies" game, or asking me to fullfill some stupid poll about my favourite sport, food or country, etc etc

Another interesting point of view about Facebook is this post from Eric Florenzano, where it covers some numbers about Facebook, and how it is the "big one" out there in social networking. From there you could get another point of view, as Eric talks about the capabilities of Facebook connect and some other APIs that you can use to add Facebook support to your webapps (which has nothing to do with me not having an account, but I think it is interesting enough).

There are a lot more reasons not to be in Facebook, but I think that probably the one that would show my oppinion at best is that I do have an account on Linkedin.

Oh, and just in case you are right now wondering if I only dislike Twitter and Facebook because they are some kind of famous now and everybody is using them. This is not the reason at all. There are some other services, like Flickr which I find useful (even if I don't have an account, because I'm not a guy that take good photos).

And that, my friends, is why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account.

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Chuck Norris and software debugging


"Chuck Norris doesn't need a debugger, he just stares
down the bug until the code confesses."


I've found it here:


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12 noviembre

Xornadas de Software libre en Lugo (13-14/11/2009)


Esta fin de semana van ter lugar unhas xornadas sobre software libre na nosa cidade.

Fai un par de semanas que me falaran de estas xornadas (incluso se falou de que eu fose un dos poñentes, pero lamentablemente a falta de tempo non me vai permitir participar), pero non foi ata onte que me enterei do enderezo da páxina web do evento (non é que teña o que se di moita información, pero bueno ;D)


Non sei de certo os contidos das xornadas, ainda que imaxino que estarán enfocadas cara o usuario final, ensinandolle á xente que se achegue ó evento que existen alternativas libres ó software que empregan a cotío.

Persoalmente non sei se me poderei achegar, pero dende aquí convidovos a que pasedes polo gran hotel lugo e vexades por vos mesmos o resultado.

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14 noviembre

More comics: Daredevil

The Man Without Fear

Daredevil Number 1, original USA edition.

Some months ago, while getting me back to read comic books, probably the first thought I had was I need to read more Daredevil comics.

Daredevil is probably my favourite Marvel Comics character (and I say probably because I like a lot of them). I've read some comic books about him in the past, a lot of another comic books where he appeared as a guest (mostly in Spiderman comics) and I liked them all, so it was a matter of time for me to try to get older comics of Daredevil.

Now I have them ;D

Daredevil #1 was published in April 1964 (15 years before I was born!) and it covers the story behind Daredevil himself and how he was born.

Perhaps you are familiar with the story (even if you didn't know too much about Daredevil) if you watched the Daredevil Movie from 2003 (with Ben Affleck as Daredevil). Of course the movie was not-so-good and the story was a little bit over-adapted for the film, but it had some things in common with the original comic book, where Matt Murdock has an accident involving some radioactive material which lead Murdock to become a blind man with superpowers.

Daredevil Number 1, first two pages.

Daredevil #1 is worth the read and it has this oldie look of comic books from the 60s or 70s, nothing to do with modern comic books you can find these days. It is fascinating how the look of the characters change over the years, just like it happens in movies or tv shows. For example, in this one, you can notice the women's haircut style or the look of the bad guys, with that ganster style.

You will also notice that this earlier Daredevil is somehow different to the image we have today about him. This is because of the costume. In the beginning he wore a yellow-and-black suit, which was later changed into the red suit we all know today (much better, imho).

Once I finished #1, I had to read #2, where Daredevil meets his first super-villain with super-powers: Electro. Electro was originally created a Spiderman's enemy but, of course, as Spidey and Daredevil both live in New York, it is more than probably that they have some enemies in common.

Daredevil Number 2, original USA edition. Daredevil Number 2, first page.

Another entertaining comic book, this one also includes an appeareance of the Fantastic Four and it is more like the usual superhero vs supervillain fight one. Daredevil fights against Electro in a variety of places in New York.

Daredevil Number 2, Daredevil entering the Baxter Building, just to stop Electro.

One of the funniest things about Daredevil first comic books is the emphasys they put in the fact that he is a blind man, so, to be sure you are aware of this all the time, they keep the whole comic adding messages Daredevil thinks to himself, telling you why he does one thing or another, for example, while chasing Electro through the streets of New York, he suddenly think:

The sounds of many voices...flickering bulbs...tickets
being torn and changing hands... it can mean only one
thing! electro is racing into a movie theatre!

A lot of those thoughts are very funny explanations about how he is able to do what he does (like being capable of manage the time by hearing his own heartbeats...)

Well, I'll keep reading some more comic books this morning. And you can get more info about Daredevil in this wikipedia article:


Have fun!

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15 noviembre

Man vs. Electricity: Meet Dr. Megavolt

from wired videos

WOW, you have to check it yourself:

Man vs. Electricity: Meet Dr. Megavolt

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18 noviembre

Bunker: high availability and postfix as a mail server

really two topics even if they seemed one in the title.

Yesterday I went to MarcosBL's, where we had dinner (he, me, r0sk and our gfs). It had been a long time since our last meeting, so we had a lot of things to talk about (r0sk's trip to attend EBE2009, dolo's trip to romania, MarcosBL's driving license exams, etc).

After dinner, the three of us had a quick bunker, covering mostly two topics:

High Availability for web services

r0sk explained the ideas he has for the new setup of one of his projects (a buy-and-sell website with some additional services, which has been grown a lot lately, a lot of traffic expected from now on). They are hosting the project in OVH and they experienced some downtime some days ago, so he is thinking in adding some high availability setup so they could put the downtimes to the minimum.

We covered the usual topics about frontend servers, backend servers, dynamic ip address allocation, etc.

He is thinking in a Linux environment, so topics like Heartbeat, OCFS or MySQL cluster entered the conversation. He also explained to us the limitations he has found in OVH when talking about sharing an ip address between some hosts.

I explained my point of view on such setup and I created a small diagram in a paper showing the setup I had some years ago in one of my projects, with two frontend servers and multiple PostgreSQL and NFS backends behind them, using OpenBSD routers and round-robin DNS to manage the incoming requests.

I also pointed him to CARP and pfsync, two OpenBSD PF tools that could help a lot in such environment.

Really interesting talk, even if we didn't try anything to probe our arguments ;D.

Mail server using Postfix and Dovecot

Next we focused in helping MarcosBL setting up a new mail server for one of his domains. He had been using a pre-configured qmail/courier service from OVH for some time, but now he has a new server and he would like to set it up from scratch.

I'm still using Sendmail as my MTA, with Cyrus for imap/pop/etc services and OpenLDAP as a backend for user accounts and information, but that seems a bit of overhead for his needs, so r0sk went on setting up a single Postfix + Dovecot server, with basic file-based auth. Easier to set up and probably easier to maintain.

We used script to record all the shell session, so I'll take a look at it more carefully later to learn a little bit more about this. I'm ok with using Sendmail, but of course Postfix seems (a lot) easier to set up and to mess with the configuration files.

We finished the bunker at 01:20 in the morning and it was quite a productive time.

(Thnx MarcosBL for the dinner!)

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20 noviembre

Diax's Rake

a small paragraph from Anathem, latest book from Neal Stephenson

"Diax said something that is still very important to us,
which is that you should not believe a thing only because
you like to believe it. We call that 'Diax's Rake' and
sometimes we repeat it to ourselves as a reminder not
to let subjective emotions cloud our judgment"

From Anathem (by Neal Stephenson)

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21 noviembre

Waiting for dinner...

...or bunker, who knows!

Yupp, waiting for MarcosBL, r0sk (and their gfs) to arrive...

Waiting for the guests to arrive, everything is in place!

Meanwhile I'm listening to SmoothJazz Radio...

We have even some muzak!

Everything is set for another nice time with friends!

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