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23 julio


A social network for justice-related professional people

Opening services at Pleiteando.com

Yesterday (finally) we opened services at Pleiteando.com, a new social network for justice-related people (like lawyers, attorneys, judges and so on).

The finally word is in the previous paragraph, because we had plans for this release earlier this month, but due to some unexpected technical problems we had to abort the launch 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday, everything was almost ok, so we finally went on with it, releasing it to the public and sending the invitation emails to our pre-registered users.

Pleiteando.com will not accept open registrations until september/october. While we are in "beta" stage, only users with an invitation from already-registered users are allowed to create new accounts (pretty much like other web services did some time ago, like gmail).

I needed that, I needed so much the project to finally got started. I've been working on it since last september and I couldn't wait any longer to see the results of it running in a production environment.

Of course there is a long road ahead, with some new features we will add progressively until september/october, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the ride.

Thnx a lot to everyone involved in this project, without you guys this will not be posible!

(note: and technically speaking, if you take a look at the tags for this post, you will notice some information about the technologies used to create Pleiteando.com... :D)

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Pleiteando.com (es)

Si, esto tenia que ponerlo en ambos idiomas...

Opening services at Pleiteando.com

Ayer (por fin!) abrimos al público Pleiteando.com, una nueva red social orientada a profesionales de caracter jurídico (como abogados, procuradores, jueces, etc).

Y digo por fin! por que teníamos previsto hacer este lanzamiento hace algunos días, aunque debido a unos inesperados problemas técnicos nos vimos obligados a abortar el lanzamiento hace un par de semanas.

Ayer, con todo practicamente listo, nos decidimos y abrimos el proceso de registro, enviando las correspondientes invitaciones por correo a todos los usuarios pre-registrados en nuestra base de datos.

Pleiteando.com no aceptará nuevos registros hasta septiembre/octubre. Mientras estamos en proceso "beta", sólo usuarios que reciban una invitación de usuarios ya existentes en la red podrán crear nuevas cuentas de usuario (de forma similar a lo que ya hicieron en su día otros servicios web, como gmail).

Realmente necesitaba ese momento, ver como el proyecto finalmente salía a la luz. He estado trabajando en este proyecto desde aproximadamente septiembre del año pasado y no podía esperar más a ver los resultados de disponer del sistema en un entorno de producción, con usuarios reales.

Aun queda mucho camino por recorrer, ya que iremos agregando de forma progresiva nuevas funcionalidades hasta que lleguemos a septiembre/octubre, pero estoy seguro de que voy a disfrutar recorriendo este camino.

Muchas, muchas gracias a todos los que habeis estado involucrados en el desarrollo de este proyecto, sin vosotros todo lo que hemos conseguido no hubiese sido posible

(nota: y hablando a nivel técnico, si echais un ojo a las etiquetas de este post, podreis adivinar algo de información acerca de las tecnologías que hemos empleado para crear Pleiteando.com... :D)

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05 agosto

heading for London

a week of spare time, at last

After my last visit to Birmingham some weeks ago to attend the Europython 2009, now it is time for another visit to UK. This time I'll be visiting some friends that live currently in London (after a short stay in Iowa, USA).

I'll be in London until next Thursday (13th) and I had wrote a roadmap last 2-3 days, just to be organized somehow and do not miss anything important.

As I'll have Internet access at my friends' home, expect some posts about the trip, with pictures of course!

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07 agosto

My first day in London, in pictures

Not really a post, but I would like to share some pics with you

A really big chess, in the green man tavern. Little Wu restaurant... :D with a chinese lion! I found one of the space invaders worldwide! A very brittish picture, the underground + houses of parliament + a bunch of umbrellas with the union jack The market on Covent Garden, really a nice place to walk and relax (and attend all the things that are happening on the street) The piazza, inside the market The thames, from one of the bridges in waterloo The thames, from another bridge in waterloo

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10 agosto


har har har :D

...only for decapitaded and/or disabled people

Toilets only for decapitaded and/or disabled people

I've found it yesterday in the Salisbury Cathedral :D

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26 septiembre

Recovering the control of my life

I needed to do that for too much time now

Wow... almost 2 months with not even one post in the blog. That is too much time indeed. I'm closer now to the 3.0 release of self() so these days are the perfect time to take a look back, see the work done over the last year and probably do a code freeze in the main repository.

A lot of things have happened since my last post on august, the 10th of august, I hope I'll find enough time during next weeks to write more about them, as there were a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. Anyway I've learned quite a lot from all of them.

Back to the code freeze, do not expect too much new features during october, but I'll keep myself doing all the needed tests so everything will be ok for the planned release on november the 26th ;) (I don't want some unexpected delays, like it just happend to the next OpenBSD release).

Right now, I'm currently doing some heavy testing on the go_to_work_by_bike() method. This is an old feature that has been somehow abandoned for quite a long time, and I've done some hard work this year to improve it, so some tests must be done before the final release... ;)

Ah (just if you are curious), this is again (since monday) my vehicle to get to the office and back every day:

My bike, the best vehicle to get to work each day!

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27 septiembre

More nasty things about Firefox

I'm getting really tired of this crappy browser

I've written some things about Firefox before. I've found some other annoying things about the browser since then, but lately one specific issue is getting me really mad.

I've Firefox 3.5 installed in my laptop and, as it is a laptop, sometimes I've Internet access, sometimes not. Each time I try to use Firefox without Internet access (for example, to access some webapps running in my laptop web server, http://localhost/whatever), it sets automatically the so-called offline mode and not only it doesn't allow me to load the webapp, but it keeps loading a cached copy if I had accessed the webapp before (while having Internet access).

And each time I have to go to the File menu, then I've to deactivate the offline mode manually!!! Each f**** time!!!**

I'm wondering who is responsible of that crap.

I'm even more dissapointed after taking some time exploring the Firefox preferences, searching for some option to disable the automatic offline mode thing, just to notice that there is no option to do that.

So, after talking about this with a friend, he told me that there are some plugins to avoid that (WTF! Why a plugin for that?? are Firefox programmers too lazy to fix such an ugly thing by themselves?). He pointed me to the about:config page too (you know, the page where you have direct access to Firefox configuration options). I've checked it, and It was very funny to see the message they put in there to advice you that you can do some real damage in that page:

I don't know what the original message would look like, but the translation is really funny

I don't know what the original message would look like, but the translation is really funny ;D

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29 septiembre

Todos los años la misma historia...

...y nadie pone solucion al tema de los apagones.

Ha pasado, y ha pasado una vez más, al igual que el año pasado, el anterior, el anterior y el anterior... y ya no recuerdo cuantos años lleva pasando esto.

Cada Octubre, en Lugo, celebramos San Froilán, las fiestas del pueblo en honor al patrón local, que tienen una gran reputación a nivel gallego por su duración, calidad y la cantidad de cosas que se pueden hacer durante esa semana en nuestro querido pueblo.

Y cada año, la semana antes de que empiecen las fiestas, se suceden los problemas eléctricos, los apagones, las caidas de tensión... Todo esto coincide curiosamente con la puesta a punto de toldos, chiringos y atracciones que durante estos dias amenizan las fiestas.

Seguramente habrá muchos que me digan que estoy equivocado, que seguramente no tiene nada que ver, o que ha sido casualidad, pero el tema es que llevo toda la semana con problemas eléctricos en casa (sobre todo por las noches) y hoy en la oficina hemos sufrido 4 apagones a intervalos.

Y lo que yo me pregunto es... ¿no hay una forma de evitar que esto vuelva a pasar el año que viene? (sabiendo que va a volver a pasar, como todos los años)

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Riding my bike this morning

and no, I wasn't going to Mordor ;) (or was I...)

This morning I did a small stop in my way to work, to take some pictures:

This is almost the only bike lane in Lugo, and it is a really beautiful ride in the early morning.

Both pictures were taken from probably the only bike lane in the whole town. This is probably the best part of my daily trip to work, as I have to pass by a small park/forest (to the left in the pictures) and there is a lot of grass and green zones around.

Another picture of the bike lane, I really liked the feeling of the fog in my face!

I really enjoy the feeling of the fog in my face at that time of the day, and the cold seem to help my brain to be more focused when arriving at work.

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06 octubre

Log of last night

The reasons for me to get in bed at 05:00

(Previously, on the most stupid sysadmin in the world)

All of those points led me to yesterday's chapter in this story The sysadmin nightmare!

UPDATE: Ah!, and I almost forgot a very nice part of the story... When I tried #python in freenode, just to get the same answer from some people:

  • Your problem is mod_python itself
  • You should not really use mod_python
  • mod_python is nothing compared to mod_wsgi

:( C'mon guys, that reminds me so much of that time where every answer for every question in that channel was "just use twisted for that" (it wasn't a matter if you were trying to develop your own web server or a simple script to say hello, world). Some times people should just keep their fingers off the keyboard if they do not know the answer to a question, intead of bothering with nonsense stuff, really.

1- After upgrading python to 2.6 (keeping 2.4 installed because I need that for Zope) I realized that I needed to upgrade mod_python too, to use the new interpreter.

2- I upgraded mod_python, not really an upgrade, just recompile/reinstall version 3.3.1 against python 2.6

3- I restarted apache... and all my python-based webapps and websites were gone. All I got instead was this error in the error-log files:

python_handler: Can't get/create interpreter.


4- I used google to search for answers, nothing that could make sense

5- I decided then to reinstall/upgrade apache, from 2.2.8 to 2.2.13, and as I was going to upgrade it, I replaced the prefork mpm with the worker mpm, adding this to /etc/make.conf:


6- Obviously, after upgrading apache, I had to upgrade some extra modules again. At this point I decided not to install php (in the end, I do not need it anymore)

7- Once everything was recompiled and upgraded, I tried to restart apache again. This time apache won't start at all, no errors in the log files... wtf..

8- I found in some mailing list that, since the upgrade to apache 2.2.13, you need a new kernel module in FreeBSD, so I load it:

sudo kldload accf_data.ko

Something similar to what I already did with the accf_http.ko module in previous versions of the web server. This wasn't anyway the reason of the fail.

9- After almost 1 hour trying to start apache in debug mode, in foreground mode, raising LogLevel and I can't remember how many more things, I decided to get the server back to the prefork mpm, just in case anything was wrong with my FreeBSD 6-STABLE server.

10- After recompiled apache again I tried once again to restart the server, same result, it won't boot at all and no errors in the log files. I started to become crazy.

11- I decided to reinstall apache again, with the worker mpm (as using the threaded model didn't made it fail) but this time removing, by hand, any file that could be left over by pkg_delete/make deinstall. It didn't work either.

12- Last try, I removed /usr/local/etc/apache22 and reinstalled it again using the port. Then I tried to restart apache, and it worked!

13- Ok, I put all the important parts of my old configuration files into the new ones (load mod_python, the virtualhosts, etc) and restarted apache. It worked again.

14- I checked the python webapps/websites, same error as before:

python_handler: Can't get/create interpreter

ARGGGG, ok, stay cool, you need to focus... I checked the main error-log from the apache server, just to find...

[Tue Oct 06 04:41:53 2009] [error] make_obcallback: could not call init.\n
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/mod_python/apache.py", line 937, in init
from mod_python import importer
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/mod_python/importer.py", line 24, in
from mod_python import publisher
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/mod_python/publisher.py", line 50, in
from cache import ModuleCache, NOT_INITIALIZED
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/mod_python/cache.py", line 27, in
import urllib2
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/urllib2.py", line 91, in
import hashlib
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/hashlib.py", line 136, in
md5 = __get_builtin_constructor('md5')
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/hashlib.py", line 63, in __get_builtin_constructor
import _md5
ImportError: No module named _md5
[Tue Oct 06 04:41:53 2009] [error] get_interpreter: no interpreter callback found.

AHA!, found it.

15- Google, again, just to find some mails in some mailing lists pointing to some problems about the version of openssl used to compile python, mod_python and apache. Not my problem, kept myself searching...

16- Found another thread in another mailing that pointed me to some problems when importing hashlib (the replacement in +python2.5 for md5, sha, etc), this seems a value lead for me.

17- Search through mod_python's source code to see what's the point where the exception is raised and the legacy _md5 module was imported. Once I found that piece of code, I tried to recreate the problem in a python shell, just to find that even if I had python 2.6 and mod_python correctly installed, it crashes in /usr/local/lib/python2.6/hashlib.py (line 107):

new = __hash_new

Shit. Seemed like I would not be able to fix this...

18- Then I tried to fight it from another angle. The problem is that there is no _md5 module... but there is a copy of the legacy md5 one... long life ln!

lrwxr-xr-x   1 root  wheel       6 Oct  6 04:43 _md5.py -> md5.py

19- Discovered that not only _md5 was the problem, after solved that, it began complaining about _sha... same fix:

lrwxr-xr-x   1 root  wheel       6 Oct  6 04:43 _sha.py -> sha.py

20- UhOh, real problem now, began to complain about _sha256.py, but there was no legacy sha256.py in the python 2.6 lib dir. f***!

21- I began to search for all kinds of ports and packages, trying to find something... I went through security/py-openssl and some others until I found security/py-hashlib:

Python secure hash and message digest module MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256,
SHA384 and SHA512 (backported from Python 2.5 for use on 2.3 and 2.4)

WWW: http://code.krypto.org/python/hashlib/

Nothing to loose, I installed it, and et voilá, the needed legacy modules were in the python 2.4 installation, now back to the power of ln:

lrwxr-xr-x   1 root  wheel      37 Oct  6 04:44 _sha256.so -> ../python2.4/site-packages/_sha256.so
lrwxr-xr-x   1 root  wheel      37 Oct  6 04:44 _sha512.so -> ../python2.4/site-packages/_sha512.so

22- Restarted apache, once again

23- Crossed my fingers... tried one of the python webapps... IT WORKED! ;D

24- Ok, nice. Now it is working I went back to the svn+trac issue. I reinstalled trac 0.11.X and set the environment.

25- 04:50 Everything seems to be running ok now, finally I can go to sleep...

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