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03 octubre

La triste realidad



(vía http://ubuntulife.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/la-triste-realidad)

Actualización: Si quereis ver más números de esa tira cómica: http://sinergiasincontrol.blogspot.com

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26 octubre

The Rober Bodegas Show

or how galician people could laugh at themselves

Long story short, yesterday I went to a recently-discovered club called Babel here in Lugo and I attended a 2-hour show from Rober Bodegas, one of the best showman-speaker-whatever anyone could find today in Galicia.

I already knew him, as I watched pieces of his show both on TV and YouTube so, as soon as I noticed he was going to be here, I decided I had to go to see him live.

Waiting for him

I arrived at the club almost 45 min. before the show and me and my girlfriend got 2 tickets (12 eur., nice price). We got some drinks and wait patienly until the show begins. A little bit later emereci met us there and we spent the time until the show just talking and drinking.

The Babel club is a really nice place, with that kind of atmosphere nice clubs have, I mean, low lights (even we have candles in there), nice music, a theater-like room and very very very nice people to talk with. I've to say that the smoke in the air was too much for my like after we spent there the first one and a half hour, but hey, that's part of a real club too! :D

Just in time (perhaps 5-10 minutes late), the show began. It is that kind of show where the showman begin talking about his life, just a quickly introduction about himself, stories from when he was a little boy, his friends, etc. In fact, it is very similar to that one from Luis Piedrahita (I've post some lines about it).

Rober Bodegas, act 1

After the quick introduction about himself, he proceed talking about different stories, most of them related to daily issues everyone usually have to deal with. It is very funny to see how he is capable of linking two different topics so the story seems to be fluid and it is even funnier to see how he links everthing with sex :D.

I really enjoyed the show and I couldn't stop laughing all the time. You know, it was not the usual show you could see on the TV or youtube, thanks to some people from the public that distract him, so he had to stop talking and he had to do some unexpected jokes. For example, after the first 20-30 minutes, suddenly, a man just loose consciousness and a group of people had to get him out of the club. It was nothing to worry about (as someone told us later), but Rober has to stop the show and he began to do some jokes about "the show was too much for that guy" or "he was laughing too much, that's the result" and things like that.

Rober Bodegas, act 2

After a little stop (just perfect to get more drinks!) he got back to his stories, but suddenly he stopped again, as there was a girl in the room whose laughs were louder than Rober's voice. Trust me, you never heard such a noisy laughing!. Again, he just did some jokes about her.

The show ended with his famous story about yogúrs (es|gl link), where he criticized the way companies use advertising to sell us some products as the best things we could have to live longer, be smarter, etc while most of the time that's not true (or at least not totally true).

A really nice show, I recommend it to everyone, thnx Rober for made me laugh for so long :D

Oh!, I almost forgot. The funny-and-laughing night was complete as I found the perl car while going back home:

The perl car, powered by toyota

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A nice surprise from greece

or how nice is to have friends worldwide

Just 2 weeks ago, while being at home on a saturday morning, I noticed that the door bell was ringing.

-- ¿Si? -- (Hi?)

—Soy el cartero, le he dejado un paquete encima de su buzón, na cabe dentro -- (I'm the postman, I left a package for you over your mailbox, as it didn't fit inside)

WTF, a package? I didn't order anything. I was so curious that I went quickly to where my mailbox is, just to find exactly that:

OMG, a package for me, from betabug's company!

Of course, as soon as I saw the logo on the package, and the return address (Athens, greece), I realized that it was something from betabug.

I can't wait, so I opened the package (taking a lot of care on not to destroy it, I really like that company logo :D) and I found that inside:

I already suspected it should be a t-shirt!

Nice t-shirt!. I already suspected it should be that when I saw the package, because some weeks before we were talking about self-made tshirts and things like that, but I couldn't imagine the t-shirt topic:

disco, tisco, pisco, zisco... :D

(For those of you who didn't recognize it, just click here :D)

Now's my turn...

P.S: thnkx betabug for such a nice present, I can't wait for a disco-fun cow meeting!

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05 noviembre

Seguro del hogar, ¿para que?

¡ladrones, que son todos unos putos ladrones!

Sigo con mi linea de posts reivindicativos. Si la última vez comenté mi problema con la compañía de la luz y el banco en el que tengo mis ahorros, Ahora tengo que quejarme de la compañía de seguros. AXA (en su rama española, que es una multinacional francesa), a la que seguramente muchos reconozcais por el anuncio tan poético que han puesto en todas las cadenas de televisión (este es el anuncio), en el que anuncian a bombo y platillo que estarán siempre ahí para sus asegurados, que estan reinventando los seguros... BLA BLA BLA... (como se dice aquí, a misma merda de sempre).

Bueno, pues el tema es que mi seguro de hogar lo tengo con AXA, la casa es de mis padres y hace unos 20 años que está asegurada y nunca, repito, NUNCA hemos dado parte de nada, ningún problema. Han estado cobrando religiosamente el seguro año a año durante estos 20 años y nunca les hemos costado un duro.

Pues bien, ahora tengo un problema, tengo una fuga de agua en un baño que hace que las paredes de las habitaciones circundantes parezcan mas unas natillas que algo solido. Lo han mirado dos fontaneros, uno particular y otro del seguro. el primero ha dicho que eso es de la instalación de la calefacción (que va por debajo del suelo) y que vamos a tener que picar el suelo y que va a ser una pasta, que lo tiene que cubrir el citado seguro.

El segundo fontanero ha pasado por mi casa hace apenas media hora, no se ha molestado en inspeccionar nada y ha asegurado, jurado y perjurado que es de la bañera, que pierde agua. En seguida entendí el por qué de esa afirmación, y es que ese arreglo no lo cubre el seguro. Amablemente me dijo el propio fontanero que si yo quería, el podía proceder con el arreglo, pero cobrándome ??!!!???. AH! eso sí, los de AXA me pagarían luego pintar las zonas dañadas de las paredes... Yo flipo!.

Y ahora me pregunto yo... ¿para que hemos estado pagando todos los años la cuota del seguro de vivienda? ¿para que nos sirve si cuando tenemos un problema no nos lo cubre?

(Y por favor no me digais que eso depende de la poliza, de lo que pagues, etc, por que pagamos una poliza normal y corriente como la de todo el mundo, y estamos hablando de sellar una bañera, no de remodelar 4 habitaciones...)

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26 noviembre

self() 2.9 released

codename "the golden monkey listening the river flow"

I'm pleased to announce a new release of self(), my work-in-progress soul() implementation for the body() base class.

This will be the last release of the 2.x branch, we are now on the road to the new 3.x branch. The first release of this new branch will be the 3.0 release on november, the 26th, next year.

A lot of new features and improvements have been made to this new release:

And a lot more, just take a look over the ReleaseNotes to see the full announcement.

You can get the source code of self() here:

Don't forget to check the usual checksums to ensure you are downloading the right version:

To end the announcement, I would like to thank everyone that made this new release posible, you are the ones responsible for such a nice job, thanks a lot, keep doing such a great effort.

For the rest of you, who didn't know about self() yet, please download it, test it and report any bugs you could find, thank you too.

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02 diciembre


today I loose control over myself

Something must be wrong these days in my life If I've reached my limit, just loosing control of myself and reacting to something like I've done today.

I'm not proud of it, it is a scary sensation, just for some seconds it was like It wasn't me. That scared me enough to keep me thinking about it the rest of the day.

Of course, don't be worried too much about it, I didn't kill someone or anything like that, but for some seconds, I just said something I didn't think at all (and the worst wasn't what I've said but how I said it, and I said it to someone I love too much to tell her such things.

I'm so sorry.

I think I'll have to change some things in my life, some things (mostly at work) that made me feel stressed, anxious and somehow angered lately.

I'm supposed to enjoy my job, I really like the things I used to do, but somehow I've been loosing control over there and that meant I finally loose control over me too.

I've to get back to myself.

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31 diciembre

Happy 2009

and best wishes for the new year!

Almost a month have passed since my last post,that's quite a long time, but I needed to stop (as you can read in my previous post).

Now I'm feeling better, I've finished some "hey, hurry up with that!" tasks I had to finish before the end of the year and I've some minutes to write these lines before leaving to my grandparent's house, just to celebrate the usual last-night-of-the-year dinner.

Today seemed the perfect day to took a look back and remember all the good/not-so-good/not-so-bad/bad things that happened this year. And, you know, 2008 was a great year.

Hope it was a great year for you too, and I hope 2009 will be even better for all of us.

See ya!

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06 enero

I've got flu

the worst flu i've ever catched in my life

Today was my 5th day in bed since I catched that flu last week and I've never suffered such a thing before.

I've heard in the news that the flu was specially strong this end of the year in spain, but I couldn't imagine it was so strong.

My girlfriend catched the flu while in class, teaching english (as one of her students seemed to be already infected) and she began to feel not-so-good last Wednesday. She went in bed on January, the 1st (last Thursday) and I took care of her for the following 24-hours. During such time, I got infected too, which sent me directly to my bed on Friday (with a body temperature of 39C).

I've been in bed through the weekend, taking pills and a lot of water, fruit juices and fruits, just to noticed yesterday I still felt myself really bad.

After a quick visit to the doctor, I got a lot more pills to take, just to see if the flu will go away before Friday.

The good thing about being in bed for so long is that I've finished reading Snow Crash (a must-read if you didn't read it yet).

Well, for sure this is the worst flu i've ever catched in my life (I've never been more than 2 days in bed), and I hope I'll be back before the end of the week.

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04 febrero

Una vez más, la misma mierda periodística

y luego nos sorprendemos ante algunas reacciones de gente conocida...

Y es que me entero, vía userlinux, que El Progreso ha vuelto a cagarla.

El Progreso es el "diario de lugo y su provincia" y podría escribir un libro con el historial enorme de cagadas absolutas que ha cometido en sus 100 años de historia, pero no voy a entrar ahora en eso (si alguien que lea esto quiere mas detalles, que me los pida por mail, que hay muchos :D). El tema sobre el que quiero dejar constancia aquí, es que me parece tremendo el enfoque que se le ha dado a lo que, en principio, era un artículo sobre el movimiento blogger/blogueiro/llamale_como_quieras en Lugo.

Hace ya algún tiempo que Oscar (que sale en una gran foto en el articulo en cuestion) y algunos amigos más, organizaron el primer blogs & beers de Lugo. Se animó bastante gente y tuvo algo de repercusión a nivel local. Luego vino la segunda edición, en la que estuvo más gente e incluso los de El Progreso se animaron a mencionarlo en su edición en papel. El movimiento blogger en Lugo ha seguido subiendo desde entonces, he incluso se ha creado un planet.

Teniendo todo esto en cuenta, no me extrañó en absoluto que Oscar me comentase hace algun tiempo que le habían llamado del periódico para hacerle una entrevista sobre todo este "tema de los blogs". Por lo que me comentaba el propio Oscar, la idea era hacer un articulo sobre cómo estaba todo esto de los blogs en Lugo, lo que encajaba perfectamente ya que hace poco que se celebró una nueva edición de la Ludus Party. En realidad, incluso parecía una buena idea, está bien que se hable de estos movimientos en Lugo, para que la gente se anime y participe y, en definitiva, crear comunidad.

Pero claro, no podía ser verdad, tenían que cagarla con la misma mierda sensacionalista de siempre.

¿Qué ha pasado a nivel mediatico desde que (hace mas de mes y medio) se pusieron en contacto con Oscar para esto? Pues una serie de factores muy importantes:

1- Facebook se hace conocido en españa y todos lo usan

2- Nace Tuenti, la alternativa española a Facebook según muchos.

3- Las redes sociales estan permanentemente en los medios de comunicación (que si Obama gana las elecciones gracias a Facebook e Internet, que si cada día más jovenes usan las redes sociales, que si cuidado con los datos que damos en las mismas, bla bla bla bla...)

4- Desaparece Marta del Castillo Casanueva (la chica de 17 de años que lleva desaparecida más de una semana en Sevilla), resulta que utilizaba habitualmente servicios de redes sociales, se dispara la alarma.

Si combinas esos 4 factores, más una persona que decide lo que sale y lo que no en un periodico que se deja llevar por el sensacionalismo y por las ventas en lugar del rigor periodístico, más alguien que se presta a hacer algo asi, ¿qué tienes?

Pues una nueva cagada, señores

Y que conste que lo que me parece indignante no es el hecho del articulo en si, está de moda y querían hacer ver cómo está el tema de las redes sociales en Lugo, hasta ahí bien. Ahora bien (valga la rebuznancia), que para rellenar el articulo hagas uso de material que otras personas te han dado para un articulo sobre los blogs en Lugo (otro tema totalmente diferente), y lo que es peor, que lo utilices sin que estas personas sepan que sus comentarios se van a utilizar en este tipo de articulo... eso es lo que me parece indignante (y todavía más indignante si encima vas y ¡pones sus fotos en el artículo!)

Bueno, sólo para aquellos que no hayais tenido el privilegio de leer el citado articulo, gracias a Raúl Ordoñez, podeis leerlo en los siguientes enlaces:

A ver que os parece.

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10 febrero

XKCD: Security


Security from a geek point of view

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