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04 julio

Noticias en prensa escrita

me encanta leer el periodico!

Una Italiana denuncia la violacíón de su perra

Es que no tengo palabras... :D

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10 julio

Debugging your webapp, the funny way

Maaaaaaaaarciaaaaaaaaaaaaal, RUIZ ESCRIBANO!

Tas' dao cuenta, gambitero?

That's what I found trying to debug some things in the webapp i've been working on lately. ;D

For those of you who didn't know about such a tipical spanish expression, just take a look here and here too

(This post is dedicated to my great friend Clayton ;D)

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30 julio

xkcd: linux, a true story


Another funny story from xkcd.com

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01 agosto

My second MRI

or how to keep control of yourself in a closed place.

I just got out of the tube near 1 hour ago. This is the second time in my life I have to go through it, but first time it was related to a knee injury and I didn't have to be completely inside the tube.

The tube was pretty much like this one (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Today it was different, I had to do a full scan because of my spondylolysis. That means I had to stay completely inside the fscking tube and I do not like closed places, you know.

Before getting in, the guy that helped me to rest correctly over the machine's table told me to close my eyes before getting in ("it will help you avoid the closed sensation, just imagine you are wherever else"). Of course I did close my eyes :D

Then, there I was, inside the tube, everything was quite, very quite I must say. Those first seconds/minutes made me feel myself anxious, excited. Then the noise began. At first it was only an annoying noise, and I tried to evade myself trying to focus breathing, and breathing... and of course imaging I was somewhere else but inside the tube.

That worked for a while but, suddenly, the noise changed. At first I didn't notice it, but it was like some kind of techno music. After a while (can't tell exactly how many time) I switched my mind and I focused myself on the music, and, you know, it helped me a lot!

Just when the techno session was on it's highest point, it just stopped, and the silence was there again. Another set of seconds/minutes expecting, waiting... and getting myself anxious and excited again.

Finally, I noticed there was people inside the room and they slowly got me out of the tube. As I was curious, I opened my eyes before getting out... and, please, do not do that if you have to go through a MRI!, don't do it.

Now I'll have to wait until next week to see the results, and I hope there is nothing more than the spondylolysis thing in there...

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13 agosto

First Codigo23 sprint

or how to meet interesting people to do great things...

This should be posted some days ago, but I didn't have the time for it. Anyway I would like to write some lines about last week.

For me, the week began just some hours after my visit to the MRI tube. I picked up my car and I drove near one hour from Lugo to Foz. I've some other posts about that place, it was not the first time I went there, just to relax and enjoy some free/spare time.

This time there was a surprise, an old friend called me just before we left lugo, he and his girlfriend were there too, so we could arrange a nice weekend.

His girlfriend wasn't there before, so we did the usual trip with visits to some nice beaches and places.

Las catedrales - quite an impressive beach

Of course we had lunch and dinner in the usual cheap-and-delicious traditional restaurants and we had a lot of fun. In fact, we had so much fun that we decided to stay and get back to lugo on Monday (very early in the morning) instead of Sunday. It was really worth of it.

On Monday I met Roberto in Lugo. He has been working for Codigo23 for the past few months (quite well I've to say) and he has been doing it remotely, from Caceres. On monday he arrived at Lugo to stay here for a week, we had a plan to do a sprint during the week, just to finish some things in a project that should be ready for september (it is a django based webapp, that should be ready to be announced along the release of django 1.0).

Working on it! Roberto, working on it too!

It was a productive sprint, and we closed some important tickets that were pending for a while. During the sprint we shared some points of view about the app, and took some interesting decissions/approaches for its future.

Of course we didn't spend all the time working. It was the first time in Galicia for Roberto, so we did some walks all over Lugo and we went to Coruña too.

First, we visited the roman walls in Lugo, among some other parts of the town (no pics, sorry :(). Then, we moved to Coruña, visiting the Tower of Hercules, the aquarium finisterrae, Maria Pita Square and a lot more places. Here are some pics I took during the visit:

Hercules Tower, one of the eldest lighthouses in the world:

Hercules Tower, one of the eldest lighthouses in the world

The aquarium finisterrae, a must-see which includes the amazing nautilus room:

The aquarium finisterrae, a must see with the nautilus room!

A great view from outside the aquarium:

A great view from outside the aquarium

Another view of the tower of hercules, this time from outside the aquarium:

Another view of the tower of hercules, this time from the outside zone of the aquarium.

We do a lot more things, like going out on Tuesday to show Roberto the tipical cañas y tapas gratis (free snacks + beers) from Lugo or meeting some IRC friends to have dinner on Wednesday.

The week ended on Friday, with Roberto leaving Lugo by bus on a 9-hour trip back to Caceres, a lot of work on the project done and a sensation to not only met a great person but to get a new friend.

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18 agosto

bogofilter and why HAM is so important

Just in case anyone else suffer the same *X-files* thing in his/her/its mail server...

Just some hours ago I noticed one of my mail servers (FreeBSD 6.x-stable + Sendmail + bogofilter + bogom) became a big black hole for spam. It seems (as reported from users) that a lot of spam was getting into the users' mailboxes.

I checked and re-checked everything but everything seemed to be ok. Sendmail was running ok, bogom was up too... strange. Then I noticed one thing in my logs:

Aug 18 16:12:51 prunus sm-mta[47093]: m7IECjAn047093: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Ham, spamicity=0.000046
Aug 18 16:13:04 prunus sm-mta[47095]: m7IECrMe047095: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Ham, spamicity=0.000002
Aug 18 16:13:05 prunus sm-mta[47106]: m7IECxi0047106: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Ham, spamicity=0.000002
Aug 18 16:13:06 prunus sm-mta[47107]: m7IED0IH047107: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Ham, spamicity=0.000000
Aug 18 16:13:18 prunus sm-mta[47123]: m7IEDBtR047123: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Unsure, spamicity=0.520000
Aug 18 16:13:18 prunus sm-mta[47128]: m7IEDCt8047128: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Ham, spamicity=0.000440
Aug 18 16:13:23 prunus sm-mta[47108]: m7IED6Gu047108: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Unsure, spamicity=0.520000

Everything was being marked as HAM/UNSURE! That was the reason, time to find out what was causing it.

bogoutil helped me a lot finding the problem, as with it I was able to get the ammount of both spam and ham messages known by the filter, just issuing something like:

sudo bogoutil -w /var/spool/bogofilter/wordlist.db .MSG_COUNT

In the failing server I got:

                                 spam   good
.MSG_COUNT                       3457     0

While in another server I got:

                                 spam   good
.MSG_COUNT                        282   3337

As this last one didn't experience the same problem as the failing one, and with my mind suddenly remembering Juanjo's recommendations, I realized myself that the problem was, in fact, that bogofilter had no idea about what's ham for that server (if you are interested in how bogofilter works, take a look at the theory of operation manpage section).

Just getting some mails from one of the users' INBOX and adding them as ham to bogofilter

sudo bogofilter -n < user_INBOX_dump

helped to get things back to work. Just in case, I checked the list of spam/ham counts again:

                                 spam   good
.MSG_COUNT                       3457     52

and the sendmail logs too:

Aug 18 17:53:42 prunus sm-mta[52981]: m7IFrYvj052981: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Spam, spamicity=1.000000
Aug 18 17:53:51 prunus sm-mta[52988]: m7IFrjYr052988: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Spam, spamicity=1.000000
Aug 18 17:53:54 prunus sm-mta[52990]: m7IFrlKV052990: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Spam, spamicity=0.999887
Aug 18 17:53:57 prunus sm-mta[52989]: m7IFro2f052989: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Spam, spamicity=1.000000
Aug 18 17:54:02 prunus sm-mta[53003]: m7IFrsDG053003: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Spam, spamicity=1.000000
Aug 18 17:54:46 prunus sm-mta[53024]: m7IFscv1053024: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Spam, spamicity=1.000000
Aug 18 17:54:58 prunus sm-mta[53031]: m7IFsqGG053031: Milter insert (0): header: X-Bogosity: Spam, spamicity=1.000000

Of course I've no idea what happened with the HAM that was supposed to be in the wordlist.db file, now's time to do some phorensics and try to find out what happened here (but hey, the problem was solved at least!)

UPDATE: Found it! This morning, just after arriving at the office, I took a look over the MSG_COUNT value on that faulty server, just to find:

                                 spam   good
.MSG_COUNT                       3460     49

It was decreased since yesterday, so it had to be related to my script that feeds bogofilter every night. Just taking a look at the script I realized where was the problem. The script was calling bogofilter to add spam messages this way:

bogofilter -Ns -B inbox_dump

And, from the man page of bogofilter:

The -N option tells bogofilter to undo a prior registration of the same
message as non-spam. If a message was incorrectly entered as non-spam
by -n or -u and you want to remove it and enter it as spam, then use
-Ns. If -N is used for a message that wasn't registered as non-spam,
the counts will still be decremented.

which means my daily feeding script was removing tokens from the ham list. As my script runs everyday (through a cron job) and the spam added everyday is a lot of spam, it was removing such tokens too much quick. Removing the -N option when feeding the beast will solve the problem. (Or I hope so)

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19 agosto

Ya estan aquiiii....

... los videos con los que vais a pasar mas miedo que con la saga de viernes treeeeeceeee....

Hace algunas semanas escribí unas lineas (en gallego) sobre mi experiencia como ponente en las II Xornadas de programación web con software libre organizadas por Ousli en Ourense. En esas jornadas mi papel fue el de ponente con una charla sobre django, asi como de participante en lo que se dió en llamar la batalla de los frameworks.

Todas las charlas del evento fueron en su momento grabadas en video, y ahora están disponibles (para ver online) en una página de la Unversidad de Vigo (uvigo.tv), en la que podreis encontrar:

Además de muchas otras charlas muy muy interesantes.

En cuanto a la charla de django (para aquellos que vayais a perder un rato de vuestras vidas echándole un ojo) tened en cuenta que algunas de las cosas que se explican en la misma han sido sustituidas en las nuevas revisiones de django (1.0-alpha y 1.0-beta), con lo que cosas como el panel de administración han cambiado en cuanto a su puesta en marcha y configuración.

No obstante, y siendo todo lo humilde que puedo, creo que es un buen punto de partida para empezar a ver algo de django (en español) y que os pique el gusanillo para que probeis por vuestra cuenta.

Ah! y cualquier duda, comentario, apunte, etc ya sabeis que siempre será bienvenido ;D

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22 agosto

one thousand bucks

yeah man, yeah!

Oh my! 1000 bucks! :D

TODO list:

1- Get the flight bcn-sf and sf-bcn

2- Get the flight lcd-bcn and bcn-lcd

3- Get the tickets to the djangocon

4- Reserve rooms in mountain view for the djangocon weekend

5- Reserve rooms for the first week in SF

6- Get one thousand bucks

7- Check every needed document is up-to-date (credit cards, insurances, passports, IDs, etc)

8- Write a plan for the first week in SF

9- Write a plan for the second week over california

10- Reserve a car in a car rental service

11- Packt everything up

One week to go!

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16 septiembre

I had a dream...

...a dream i'll never forget

In that dream I was in San Francisco and I kept myself there for almost 15 days. The sun was shining almost every day and it was warm.

In that dream I visited such interesting places as downtown, chinatown, japantown, fishermans' wharf, the pier 39 and its sea lions, the golden gate bridge surroundings or embarcadero, among others.

In that dream I also met really nice and interesting people, both from here and there. I met Neal Stephenson, who gently signed my copy of Snow Crash and I attended the djangocon where I learnt a lot more about django itself.

Of course in that dream I learned/discovered a lot of things, both about myself and about others. I got to know about american people (at least from california) and I realized some limitations I have which I didn't know (or didn't want to know anyway).

In that dream I drove thousands of miles, visiting places like yosemite, las vegas, mojave desert or napa valley and I tried to feel that sensation everybody felt once while watching a so-called road movie.

Now i've come back from that dream. I'm here, at home, just sitting in front of my computer, trying to put in here a small part of my current feelings before going to bed and dream again...

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22 septiembre

cabreo y frustración

si es que en pleno siglo XXI, que pase esto...

La verdad es que me he sentido realmente cabreado, preocupado, frustrado e indignado durante este pasado fin de semana, y me gustaría reflejar aquí el por qué.

Todo empezo el pasado viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2008, cuando al llegar a casa para comer (14:30 mas o menos), me encuentro una carta en el buzón de begasa (la compañía con la que tengo contratado el suministro eléctrico). Nada más abrirla me encuentro con que me han enviado un ultimatum, instandome a pagar una factura pendiente antes del día 20 de septiembre, si no quería que me cortasen el servicio, eso si, lamentando considerablemente las molestias que eso pudiese ocasionarme (es decir, teniendo que volver a dar de alta lo que se conoce como el enganche y que cuesta una pasta gansa).

Siendo la primera notificación que tengo al respecto (yo ni p*** idea de que había algún problema con recibo alguno), me voy al panel de banca online de mi cuenta personal en el BSCH. Una vez dentro de mi cuenta en el banco, veo que el problema radica en que a principios de septiembre (conmigo en estados unidos, como ya sabeis los que seguís este blog), begasa pasó el recibo a mi cuenta, donde por culpa de un retraso en una transferencia no había dinero suficiente para el cobro del mismo. Evidentemente, por unos cuantos euros que faltaban, el banco con el que tengo mi cuenta personal desde los 14 años (y ahora tengo casi 29), devolvió el recibo (gracias chicos!). Varios días después, llego la transferencia, por lo que ya había fondos pero... creeis que begasa volvió a cargar el recibo? PUES NO. En lugar de eso (lo más normal según mi parecer) me generan una notificación pasados varios días avisandome de que si no pago antes del 20 de septiembre, me cortan el servicio.

Bien, seguramente os estareis imaginando mi cara cuando leo la notificación el viernes, con todos los bancos y cajas de ahorros cerrados por la tarde. -No es problema - pienso - Mañana madrugo, voy al banco y pago, que para eso abren los sábados por la mañana.

Iluso de mi, no contentos con sólo atender al público de 8:30 a 14:00 durante todo el año, más las mañanas de los sabados, los bancos no atienden al público los sabados por la mañana del 1 de Julio al 30 de septiembre!! (eso si que son unas vacaciones merecidas, si señor!). Total, que me encuentro el sábado 20 de septiembre, a primera hora de la mañana, con los bancos cerrados, las oficinas de begasa cerradas, el teléfono de atención al cliente cerrado y con una notificación de que me cortarán el servicio si no pago antes del propio día 20, en la cual ni siquiera hay un número de cuenta a donde hacer una transferencia por el importe correspondiente (tan sólo hay un maravilloso código de barras que pueden leer en 2 bancos concretos).

Ahora seguramente os estareis imaginando mi desesperación en esos momentos.

Total, que esta mañana me he tenido que levantar 2 horas antes de lo habitual, he tenido que ir a las oficinas de begasa, luego al banco a pagar y luego he tenido que volver a begasa a entregarles una copia del justificante de pago, para solucionar todo este embrollo.

Conclusión, reconozco mi parte de culpa, tanto en cuanto el tema de la transferencia fue culpa mía directamente, pero me gustaría anotar una serie de cosas:

1- En el momento en el que el banco devuelve un recibo, sobre todo cuando es por falta de fondos, ¿tan dificil es enviar una notificación por email y/o SMS? Esto sería una notificación directa, que yo recibiría al momento y que me permitiría poner solución al problema lo antes posible (es que, por no enviar, no me enviaron ni una carta tradicional!).

2- En el momento en el que begasa recibe notificación de que el recibo se ha devuelto, ya que parece ser que por politica de empresa no vuelven a pasar el mismo recibo, ¿tan dificil es enviar una notificación por email y/o SMS? De forma que, una vez más, el cliente pueda saber que ha pasado algo y no se encuentre un día antes del final del plazo con una notificación de corte de suministro...

3- ¿Qué pasa con este tipo de negocios? Me refiero sobre todo al tema de los bancos. Me parece tremendo que para hacer cualquier tipo de gestión seria con ellos, que requiera de visita a la sucursal correspondiente, te obligen a tener que coger horas de tu trabajo para acudir a ellos. Si, vale, de acuerdo, ahora al menos tenemos la banca online, pero para algunas cosas todavía no sirve (al menos en determinados bancos/cajas) y me parece normal que cierren los sabados en julio/agosto, cuando la gente suele estar de vacaciones y puede ir por la semana, pero de junio a septiembre?, En serio que me parece increible.

Y lo peor de todo es que me haya pasado esto por un impago de apenas unos días, cuando en mi empresa hay clientes que deben 4 veces esa cantidad desde hace varios meses.

Moraleja: esconde la mano que viene la vieja!

P.D.: La moraleja no viene a cuento, lo sé, pero tenía que ponerlo! :D

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