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27 marzo

Speedo most hidden secret

or why they call it LZR when it should be called Zora...

After 13 of the 14 new world records from the Eindhoven European Championships were made using a new swimsuit from Speedo (the LZR), everybody is talking about the benefits of such a suit. I've heard about it in the TV and on the radio and I've read about it in the newspapers and over the Internet.

Now, I'm wondering...

Why they called it LZR when everybody knows that's the famous Zora Suit!

Every Zelda fan out there should understand...

... why i'm saying that.

The Zora is one of the well-known creatures from The Legend of Zelda saga. They are aquatic creatures that live underwater (there is always an underwater palace/dungeon/whatever you must visit in a Zelda game).

The Zora suit is a suit Link use to stay underwater all the time he needs, being able to move as if he was outside water.

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08 abril

Heroes use KDE!

or that's what we could see in the tv...

Just some hours ago, I was watching episode 14 from the first season of Heroes, when I noticed something on the screen.

WTF? is that a KDE shot?

Two students were checking some information on the Internet, and I suddenly recognized that screen... it seems like a KDE one!

Let's take a deeper look, examining the screen, we could find the usual KDE panel:

Yes, that should be the KDE panel

and the main window (where they are reading information), seems like Konqueror to me:

And that's very similar to konqueror for sure

Don't you agree?

Of course that seems to be an old one, if you search for Heroes KDE on google, you will find some links about it (it seems like there is even an episode where Kopete appears too).

Pretty funny anyway, finding those kind of things makes my friends (and girlfriend) to call me a freak...

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10 abril

The joy of getting SPAM messages by mail

what could i say... ;D

I've received a lot of spam mails since I began to use e-mails, but nothing could be compared with that:

Subject: [SPAM] Jackie Chan was taken off in a porno - video

OMG! Jackie in his latest movie!, as always full of incredible and acrobatic moves!


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15 abril

Annoying habits (I)

is it that hard to put things inside a directory?

From now on, I'll post from time to time comments about things I find annoying. This had to be the first one for sure:

You download a piece of software (is it not a matter if it is a tgz, tbz, zip, rar, whatever file):

[prunus] ~/red5> ls -l
total 58416
-rw-r--r--  1 pxgo  pxgo  59768131 Feb 28 20:53 red5-0.7.0.tar.gz
[prunus] ~/red5>

Then you decompress it:

[prunus] ~/red5> tar -zxvvf red5-0.7.0.tar.gz

[ ... ]

[prunus] ~/red5>

Just to find the current directory full of files and directories:

[prunus] ~/red5> ls
Makefile                doc                     red5-0.7.0.tar.gz       red5-shutdown.sh        src
build.properties        ivy.xml                 red5-debug.bat          red5.bat                swf
build.xml               lib                     red5-debug.sh           red5.jar                webapps
conf                    license.txt             red5-shutdown.bat       red5.sh
[prunus] ~/red5>

Is it really that difficult to put all those files into a directory before creating the tarball/zip/whatever?

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24 abril

FC Barcelona vs Manchester United

no puedo estar mas absolutamente de acuerdo...

¿Por que el barca no juega siempre asi?

Si hubiesen jugado toda la liga como ayer (independientemente del resultado), otro gallo cantaría en la liga de las estrellas (IMHO).

(imagen cortesía del diario SPORT)

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09 mayo

Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 571 Denied by policy

WTF is that??

I've found that message this morning. reported by a user from one of the mail servers I manage. Two of those mail servers are almost identical, same Operating System (FreeBSD), same configuration (Sendmail + Cyrus + SASL + OpenLDAP). Each server is located in a completely different ip range and a user from one of the servers, let's call it ServerP reported a returning mail error like:

From: Mail Delivery Subsystem <MAILER-DAEMON@ServerP>
To: <user@ServerP_domain.com>
Subject: Returned mail: see transcript for details
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 13:41:16 +0200 (CEST)

The original message was received at Fri, 9 May 2008 13:41:12 +0200 (CEST)
from whatever.whatever.com []

   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
  (reason: 571 Denied by policy )

  ----- Transcript of session follows -----
  ... while talking to smtp.seg-social.es.:
  >>> MAIL From:<user@ServerP_domain.com> SIZE=850
  <<< 571 Denied by policy
  554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

[message/delivery-status (320B)]
Reporting-MTA: dns; dns.ServerP_domain.com
Received-From-MTA: DNS; whatever.whatever.com
Arrival-Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 13:41:12 +0200 (CEST)

Final-Recipient: RFC822; destination_user@ISM.seg-social.es
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0
Diagnostic-Code: SMTP; 571 Denied by policy
Last-Attempt-Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 13:41:16 +0200 (CEST)

(of course, I've replaced real data with dummy information, but the destination server is smtp.seg-social.es for real)

At first I thought it could be a destintation server problem (or that's what 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable means to me), but then I tried to send an email to the same destination address from the other server, let's call it ServerC, and that one got through, reaching the destination address mailbox.

Well, that pointed me back to the message:

571 Denied by policy

Denied by policy, what could that mean? it seems like some kind of local, server-side filtering for me, but I'm not sure. Could it be that the ip address of ServerP is in some kind of local blacklist?, don't know really.

Searching through Google, the only releveant information pointed me to a windows 2003 mail server with a bad DNS configuration, but hey, that smtp.seg-social.es is the mail server for a spanish government institution... it couldn't be that the server is so badly configured...

Any ideas? Someone suffered that problem before?

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04 junio

nvidia > ati

o como darle la razón a un viejo amigo de una vez...

Vale, solo puedo empezar el post de una forma:


Ayer comprobe que realmente, en el mundo del software libre, y en estos momentos nvidia > ati.

Me explico. Llevo cosa de unos 9-10 meses utilizando en mi estación de trabajo (FreeBSD-6.x) un monitor Asus vw192s (19" panorámico) que da una resolución máxima de 1440x900. El caso es que este equipo tenía una tarjeta gráfica ATI Radeon 9200 PRO (RV280) que, configurada con el driver radeon y el soporte drm de FreeBSD, no me permitía una resolución de más de 1280x900 (con lo que todo se veía bien, pero como achaparrado).

Ayer agregué un segundo monitor a este equipo, un LG flatron L17305 (17" normal) y resultó ser que el conector DVI de mi ATI no era compatible (????) con los adaptadores VGA-to-DVI que teníamos en la oficina. Total, cambié la gráfica por una ATI Radeon 9250 X550 (RV370) y me puse a reconfigurar las Xorg (versión 7.2). Después de mucho pelear durante casi una hora, lo más que conseguí fue un par de pantallas en negro con muchos cuadraditos blancos repartidos por ambas pantallas... ????

Vale, otro cambio. Quité la ATI y la cambié por una NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS (nada demasiado moderno) de Asus. Arranque la maquina, instalé el driver oficial de nvidia para FreeBSD desde los propios ports, retoqué un poco el fichero xorg.conf (sobre todo para el soporte de dos monitores con TwinView, arranqué el entorno gráfico y et voilá, no sólo estaba todo funcionando correctamente, si no que además ahora sí puedo disfrutar de la resolución nativa de 1440x900 del monitor Asus...

P.D.: Y todos estos años llevándote la contraria pAvL0....

P.D.2: Bien es cierto que nunca un problema tuve con las gráficas ATI... :D

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16 junio

Classic photographies (lego style)

what a patience!

Some days ago, I found Balakov's page in Flickr. There, this guy have published the LEGO version of some well-known historical pictures:


From Tiananmen Square to the american flag rise in Iwo Jima or Armstrong on the moon. Another way to see those photos.

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20 junio


or why my back pain was there since July, 2007

Spondylolysis, that's it. It is the reason behind the pain I keep feeling at my back since July, 2007.

Spondylolysis explanation

There is some more information in the Internet about it, and it seems like I'll have to loose some weight and do more exercise.

Of course the broken pars interarticularis is there, and it won't be back to it's initial state, but hey, it could be worst! :D

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28 junio

De volta de Ousli

de volta de pasar dous días incribles

Xa estou na casa, de feito cheguei onte ás tres da mañá, despois de clausurar (nunha cena xenial) as II Xornadas de programación web con software libre organizadas por Ousli en Ourense:

II Xornadas de programación web con software libre

As xornadas estiveron moi moi ben (a lo menos os dous días que eu estiven por alí), Un 10 para a organización, outro 10 para charlas e contidos e, por poñer algún pero, un 5 á asistencia, xa que sempre me quedo coa sensación de que acude pouca xente a este tipo de eventos (aínda que logo nos queixamos de que non se fan). Eso sí, a xente que asistiu estaba interesada e participaba, en maior ou menor medida, nas diferentes charlas.

Ai vai un pequeno resumo de Xoves en Venres.

Chegamos a Ourense o Xoves sobre as 12:00 (viña a miña moza comigo), e xa nos achegamos ó edificio politecnico da universidade, onde Enrique estaba agardando por nós. Tras un café rápido puiden asistir ó final da charla sobre eyeos (por dous dos creadores do proxecto).

Eu ó lado do cartel de ousli

A miña primeira participación nas xornadas foi xusto despois do xantar, sobre as 16:30, e falei durante algo máis de dúas horas sobre django e desenvolvemento web sobre python. A charla retransmitiuse en directo por Internet e, a lo menos na miña opinión, quedou bastante ben.

Falei un pouco sobre o desenvolvemento web con python, as diferentes opcións, pasei a una breve introducción a django (o framework), metodoloxías de traballo, etc. Durante a explicación máis ou menos teórica intentei levar de xeito paralelo a construcción dunha pequena aplicación web para compartir trozos de código fonte.

O certo é que non me chegou o tempo para todo o que quería ensinar, pero puiden ensinarlles bastante.

Trala miña charla, Toni falou de CakePHP unha hora e media mais ou menos, ensinándonos o equivalente ós meus contidos, pero nese framework sobre PHP.

Logo de rematar esa charla, tocou facer algo de vida social, asi que aproveitei para visitar a vellos amigos (gracias Vane e Toni por acollernos na vosa casa), ver o Russia 0 - 3 España (España na final da eurocopa, incrible!), e por suposto sair a tomar unas copas e coñecer a noite ourensá.

O venres tocou asistir pola mañá, entre outras, á charla de Fran Dieguez sobre Ruby on Rails.

Eu non coñecía profundamente Rails, e quedei gratamente impresionado por este framework. Fran conseguiu ensinarnos en apenas dúas horas os conceptos básicos do mesmo, instalación e creación de modelos, controladores e vistas.

Tras rematar de xantar, tocaba a interesantisima batalla de los frameworks. A idea era propoñer una pequena aplicación web e darnos 1 hora (mais ou menos) a cada un (eu, Toni e Fran) para construila en cada framework (django, cakephp e ror). Ó final, outra hora máis serviría para debatir sobre as diferencias entre os diferentes frameworks, ver os pros e contras de cada un, etc.

Quedei gratamente sorprendido cando dende a organización me informaron de que a idea desta batalla surxira a partir de ler neste blog sobre os bunkers que temos feito r0sk mais eu (primeiro e segundo), nos que comparabamos django e CakePHP.

E teño que apuntar que foron case 4 horas nas que disfrutei coma un anano, tanto desenvolvendo a pequena aplicación (un sinxelo blog), como atendendo ás explicacións dos outros dous frameworks.

Todas as charlas foron grabadas en video, polo que en breve poderedes velas (asi que voume aforrar repetir as miñas conclusións sobre a batalla).

En definitiva, dous días xeniales nos que o pasei realmente ben, estiven de novo con vellos coñecidos e coñecín a xente moi interesante coa que, de seguro, seguirei en contacto directo os próximos meses.

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