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23 enero

I survived the "Chuleton Chuck Norris"

pero casi quedo no camiño!

Hace ya algunos días que recibí mi invitación para participar en la cena "Chuletón Chuck Norris Certified" organizada por MarcosBL.

Hoy puedo decir orgulloso I survived!.

El chuletón (despues de una encarnizada lucha)

El chuletón (de kilo) despues.

El chuletón era supuestamente de kilo, pero yo creo que alguno sobrepasaba sobrado ese peso. Si a eso le sumamos los primeros (pulpo, chocos, croquetas, pimientos...), los postres (tartas de queso, piña, chocolate y tejas y cañas fritas...) y la bebida (vino y cerveza a barrer y licores varios), pues tenemos como resultado que los 10 participantes en la prueba estabamos a vivir a eso de la 1 de la madrugada ;D.

La batalla inicial dió paso a una pelicula de terror en la que, camino del centro de Lugo, los miembros del grupo se iban descolgando uno a uno de la compañia, los chuletones nos estaban venciendo!!

Finalmente los pocos miembros restantes nos retiramos a lugares mas seguros (la cama) sobre las 5:30 de la madrugada.

Esos pocos supervivientes comentabamos, camino de casa, que tendríamos que hacernos unas camisetas como aquellas que hace años había del Dragon Khan de PortAventura. Asi que aqui esta un boceto de una posible propuesta (por dios, que alguien haga algo mejor!)

La posible camiseta.

Finalmente, creo que no es necesario explicar a que viene meter a Chuck Norris en todo esto... y para el que sea necesario, un par de enlaces:

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28 enero

Paris happiness

wow, almost 5 years have passed since that picture

Feeling happiness in Paris - 2005

Yes, I was happy when Marta took that picture. It was 2005 and we (Marta, Rita, Dolo and me) were in Paris during our one-week excursion to France (3 days in the Bretagne, 3 days in Paris) and I was happy.

I like group trips, even more if there is a car involved and it ends in a road trip. That trip was kind of a mix, road trip during the first 3 days and totally different while we were in Paris.

The photo was taken in a small green area by the memorial to the martyrs of deportation. It was February (or March, don't remember exactly) and it was cold, but I couldn't resist to lay down on the grass.

It was perfect, being there, doing that, almost perfect... until a gendarme appeared and told us that laying on the grass was not allowed, too bad.

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22 febrero

A sysadmin life, everyday is like this

xkcd did it once again, great job man!

The weird sense of duty really good sysadmins have can border on the sociopathic, but it's nice to know that it stands between the forces of darkness and your cat blog's servers. <- Xkcd.com

From: http://xkcd.com/705/

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24 febrero

Daybreakers (2009)

Daybreakers (2009) official cover Daybreakers (2009) vampires in a nearby future

"It is 2019, in a world where being a vampire is no more extraordinary, different, and they've replaced humans' place in the planet, there are still a few people that will fight for a change"

This could be a small summary of the plot of the movie. This is not a new-era vampire movie (where vampires are not afraid of the light, for example) but it has all the well-known myths from those creatures (you got a hit through your heart, you are dead!) with a touch of sci-fi in the background.

The overall look of the film reminds me of Equilibrium, which is probably one of the reasons I liked it. Perhaps the only think I disliked was that, imho, the movie is a little bit short (90 minutes). Perhaps doing it 30-40 minutes longer could avoid that sensation it left on me that things happens too fast, some times like being not connected one to another.

Anyway, if you like vampire, action and sci-fi movies, go for it!.

You can get more info about the movie in the IMDB:


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03 marzo

someone should tell google to avoid certain subdomain names

google! google! I'm here, I'm telling you that!

It all began this morning, when someone pointed me to the fact that the domain gemablog-.blogspot.com wasn't resolving correctly.

What? of course it is not resolving - was my first thought - did you see the - at the end of the subdomain name?

As you can read in RFC-1034:

The labels must follow the rules for ARPANET host names. They must start with a letter, end with a letter or digit, and have as interior characters only letters, digits, and hyphen. There are also some restrictions on the length. Labels must be 63 characters or less.

I know there are some other RFCs that added some modifications to that rule later on, but I didn't find any that allow us to use - at the end of a subdomain or domain name (please do correct me if I'm wrong).

The funny part of the story is that, depending on your operating system and the tool you are using, that domain will resolve, or not.

For example:

The same happens to some other tools (like lynx or links) or even if you try to open connections to that hostname using a programming language.

Adding a line in /etc/hosts for the domain (pointing to the appropiate ip address) solves the problem.

Anyone that could add a reasonable explanation on this?

OH! and it is not only google who is doing that, seems there are some other domains that allow users to use such subdomain naming scheme (while others don't, like dyndns.org).

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20 marzo

On a saturday morning

a lot of things could happen

Today I woke up early (for a saturday), it was like 9:30 or so. After having a quick shower I went for a haircut (I really needed it), and it was the first haircut in a while that was not an almost-shaved-head one (I'm used to do the haircuts at home by myself).

Once the haircut was finished I went to a quite place and I had a coffee while reading a book (Brave New World actually). After a while my girlfriend and her brother joined me and we went together for a walk and some shopping.

Some time later we met some friends to have some beers and tapas and I had to go to a supermarket to buy some things before lunch.

And then it happened ;D. In my way back home (I went alone to the supermarket), when I was almost in the street where my gf's mother lives, a guy just stopped me on the street. It was like in a movie, the guy asked me to stop and carefully, with that worried-about-being-watched look in his eye, he draw a small box out of a rucksack. It was a brand-new iphone box.

Then he looked around, like trying to find out if someone else was staring at us and he whispered to me:

"hey man, look, it is a brand-new iphone, and it will be only for you, really cheap man, really cheap, you will find no other cheaper than this one!"

I would like to see my own face, my expression, because I was absolutely astonished, that guy was offering me an iphone like it could be offering me some drug in a cyberpunk novel, LOL.

I told him I wasn't interested at all, but he tried to convince me, in fact, it seemed like he wasn't going to allow me to keep walking until I bought the iphone, so I told him:

"c'mon man, I'm not interested at all and, in the end, this iphone thing is totally crap, you know, nowadays there are better stuff out there"

You should have seen his face... he didn't expect it and then he looked like what I think it could be my own face some minutes before... LOL

Then I started walking again, and the guy just keep walking too, probably searching for someone else to buy his probably recently stolen iphone.

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01 abril

Arrived in coimbra

I'm in the tryp coimbra right now

It has been a loooong trip from Lugo to Coimbra (~475km) but we all arrived at the tryp coimbra hotel some minutes ago.

Entertaining trip in MarcosBL's Pathfinder, including a stop on the road to have some food (it was so cold that we had to keep ourselves moving while having the sandwiches).

We are going to stay in Portugal until sunday, visiting some places in the north of the country, so expect some posts with pictures and details!

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12 abril

How to park a Smart fortwo

Imagine my surprise when I saw that!

From the two funny to be real department:

Having a small car is a benefit when searching for parking

I took this picture 5 minutes ago, while parking my own car in front of the office. I knew that it was easy to find parking for a Smart fortwo but this is far beyond what I've in mind ;D.

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13 abril

OVH dedicated servers and phising

pretty impressive the response, but I totally agree with them

First, I would like to thank the IT guys from OVH (more precisely the ones from ovh.es) for being so efficient in handling this issue.

Now, let me explain the whole thing.

One of the servers I manage is a dedicated server in OVH (EG Large Platinum 08 Revolution). That is some kind of a multi-server (email server, web server, databases, etc) and it has been running fine so far. Almost all the stuff in there are projects from the same company but, unlucky me, there are some accounts for other people that are able to publish there whatever they want.

One of them had installed in that server a bunch of php-based applications (joomla and wordpress among others) and she forgot completely about upgrades and security advisories,

Today I received an email from the OVH team, telling me that one of the sites of this user has been added to a list of phising sites and, as that website is in one of their servers, it is a problem for them. They asked me nicely to do something about it in less than 48 hours, or they were going to cancel my account and remove the server, formatting it from scratch.

Well, it is not so bad, I just have to remove the... Wait!, what's that??

At that point I noticed the email was from yesterday, 17:50 (It was 12:30 at that time). Dammit!, I didn't got that email because of some issues in the email server!.

As quickly as I could I connected to the server through ssh, just to take a look and remove the malicious code. I took a look at the logs, found how they uploaded the code, I saved a copy of everything (to check it later) and I was about to remove the code when the connection was closed... WTF!

It can't be, it can't be..., they couldn't remove the server just like this...

For some reason they just rebooted the server (well, they reset it, no clean shutdown :() and you can imagine that those seconds were like ages for me.

After the reboot, I had enough time to re-check everything, delete the malicious code and talk with the user advicing her to remove the code of the website, as it has been compromised (otherwise I was going to do it).

In a matter of minutes everything was removed and I double check the server, then I send an answer to the your-server-has-been-hacked ticket opened in my ovh manager. Then I only could wait, wait until any of the IT guys in OVH would like to answer my questions trying to find out if the server was going to be cancelled or not.

2-3 hours later (lunch time!) the server was rebooted again, and I found another comment in the ticket. They were telling me that I should do all the corrections needed in that server, if not, they will remove it definetely.

Conclusion: I understand them. I hate people that just pick up some free or open source software webapp out there (because it is cool, and it is so secure, and shiny and everybody is talking about that [put-your-favourite-lang-here]-based webapp) just to play with it a little bit and then forget about the responsabilities. You should keep your software up-to-date! and you should do it even more carefully if you are using a webapp that has so many security flaws in the past few years. If you don't, you will have to face the consequences.

I should have done some checks myself before this could happen, removing the whole site instead of risking the whole server that way. </lessonlearned>

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Real Madrid vs F.C. Barcelona, daños colaterales

historias curiosas que pasaron durante el partido "del milenio"

Seguramente muchos de vosotros habreis visto peliculas en las que el prota de turno (hacker de los buenos) planifica un ataque de-la-leche contra una gran multinacional|banco|entidad (posiblemente como parte de un atraco o similares), ataque que ha de producirse en algun evento tipo fin de año, acción de gracias (yankees(TM)) y demas fiestas. Es decir, el ataque ha de producirse cuando menos gente hay para darse cuenta del mismo.

¿Creeis que podría existir en este pais un momento mas propicio para algo semejante, que un partido Real Madrid - FC Barcelona?

Mi historia no tiene tanto glamour, pero es igualmente divertida ;).

El sabado, más o menos cuando empezaba la segunda parte del partido, recibí una llamada, alertándome de que algo pasaba con uno de los servidores que gestiono (aunque sea a medias ;D) actualmente.

Oye, algo pasa con el server, se ha llenado /var por un problema con los logs de nginx - Si, usamos nginx como web server en esa máquina, sirviendo contenidos estáticos - he intentado borrar esos logs pero algo raro esta pasando

Ok, no te preocupes, que le echo un ojo

Total, que me conecto a la máquina y veo los 4 workers de nginx, literalmente, a vivir y los access y error logs ocupando disco rápidamente. Para que os hagais una idea, esta es la gráfica semanal de peticiones de ese nginx:

x7 RPS in the nginx server while Real Madrid and FC Barcelona where playing last week

Creo que sirve para hacerse una idea del problema, ¿no?.

Resumiendo un poco:

Básicamente desactivando los logs conseguimos capear el temporal, despues del partido todo volvió a la normalidad y me he anotado en el TODO revisar como bloquear a nivel de nginx.conf requests por un REFERER concreto.

Jejeje, os esperabais una historieta de hackers malisimos, ownz y busquedas desesperadas de la verdad a través de redes de IRC en el underground de la red, verdad?

Ya os dije que no era tan emocionante... ;D

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