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26 noviembre

self() 3.1 released

codename: Poseidon

I'm pleased to announce a new release of self(), my work-in-progress soul() implementation for the body() base class.

This is the first minor-release of the 3.x series of self() (started last year with release 3.0) and it is the first release with a codename that contains only a single word: Poseidon.

This codename was the best choice for this patch-release, as the major feature in it is the new capability to use the software under water!. This was a feature missing since the first releases (0.4 or 0.5).

Just to show you how the new feature works, here is an example of self() 3.1-BETA running on a somehow crappy hardware during our anual hackaton in Greece:

self() 3.1-BETA running on a crappy hardware, waterproof!

I've to say it is wonderful to have added this feature to this release and, most important, it was fun!.

As this is a minor-release, there are not so many new-and-shiny features (c'mon, don't you think the underwater support is enough for a minor release???) but there are still some:

(you can get more information in the RELEASE_NOTES)

As with previous releases, a lot of the things added to this release were done during sprints all over the world,let me highlight some of them, as well as the developers that were there to help:

You can get the source code of self() here:

Don't forget to check the usual checksums to ensure you are downloading the right version:

To end the announcement, I would like to thank everyone that made this new release posible, you are the ones responsible for such a nice job, thanks a lot, keep doing such a great effort.

For the rest of you, who didn't know about self() yet, please download it, test it and report any bugs you could find, thank you too.

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