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This site is an effort to share some of the base knowledge I have gathered through all this years working with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Python or Zope, among others. So, take a look around and I hope you will find the contents useful.
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25 marzo

Comments are back!

finally I found some time yesterday...

Yes, comments are not moderated anymore. I took the decission of moderate comments because COREBlog was much prone to comment spammers than my old handmade code.

Now, thanks to betabug and his HoneyPotBL product, I've set up some protection mechanism that should stop most spammers.

You are welcome to comment openly again.

Posted by wu at 19:37 | Comments (3) | Trackbacks (0)
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Re: Comments are back!

Hope all goes well, as on my blog I do not only have HoneyPotBL installed, but also akizmet... which catches still a few spammers from time to time.

Posted by: betabug at marzo 26,2008 09:03
Re: Comments are back!

Well, the most annoying thing here are trackbacks, I got 300+ spam trackbacks per post usually, and that's a mess.

Anyway, i'll have to see how I could use HoneyPotBL with the trackback system (or perhaps I could drop trackbacks totally, after all, I only have 1 trackback since I've migrated to COREBlog (my handmade code didn't have trackback support).

Posted by: Wu at marzo 26,2008 09:20
Re: Comments are back!

Yeah, trackbacks aren't really that usefull, I thought about dropping them a lot of times, almost the only trackbacks I have are my one (between my posts).

I do have some measures against trackback spam, see my CoreBlogChanges page and from there this article about rejecting no-reference trackbacks. I've also changed it to return a 403 status, but apparently I haven't documented it yet.

Posted by: betabug at marzo 27,2008 09:42
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