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This site is an effort to share some of the base knowledge I have gathered through all this years working with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Python or Zope, among others. So, take a look around and I hope you will find the contents useful.
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08 febrero

Plone vs Zope

or how your little child could eat you up...

After reading that post in Chris McDonough's blog, I've been thinking about that Plone vs Zope topic.

I've covered such topic before. For me, it is clear that Plone is a Product (like any other) inside a web application server like Zope (at least Zope2). Anyway, Plone has grown a lot those years, getting closer to end users, so it is very common to find users/customers/bosses that ask for Plone directly, even if they do not need the full bloated Product.

Do not misunderstand me, in my oppinion Plone is a very good piece of software, probably my choice to build big high-end robust web portals, but sometimes you can find better solutions to given problems.

For me, it is like driving a truck, when you only need a bike.

If you've read Chris post, there you will find that it seems like Zope3 isn't so used as expected because of that too, that is, Plone runs on top of Zope2, not on top of Zope3, so Zope2 is still the preferred environment (because people don't know even about Zope2, they ask directly for Plone).

That's even worse, because Zope3 is a totally different approach to web development as in Zope2, it is closer to a web development framework than to a web application server, so you can't compare Zope3 and Zope2 directly (nothing to say about comparing Zope3 and Plone).

Finally, there is grok, a new web development framework built on top of Zope3, which is getting a bigger name than Zope3 itself in the web development world. Anyway (imho), grok couldn't be considered to Zope3 as plone is to Zope2, because Plone is a product to build web portals (among other things), while grok is a framework you can use to build whatever you want.

Conclusion: It is clear that Zope2 needs plone to survive, but I do not think that Zope2 should be used exclusively with Plone, there are a lot of other interesting Products out there, and building your own is pretty easy.

Conclusion (another one): It seems like the time to begin playing with Zope3 and their components and new ideas, now it seems mature enough, and things like grok probe it.

Posted by wu at 14:17 | Comments (0) | Trackbacks (0)
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Re: Plone vs Zope

I'm a Zoper for 5 years and somethimes I write some Plone code

I try to use Zope3 and I begin to learn how Plone 3 works this days

When I begun at Zope I wonder how difficult to me was to meet a so good thinked applications server was Zope

It was what I need or even what I try to write for my own (I'm a framework writer. At 2002 I write a framework called Usul in ASP that works closely like Ruby on Rails but my company never promote it)

But now I'm working on a framework called Yanged initially writed on Zope2

My opinion is that Zope lost it's opportunity to be a very good plataform because Plone and Zope 3

Instead of make Zope more user friendly they want to do a "good for the teacher" version. Like if they are in the university and Zope was the final work

At this time my only motivation with Zope/Plone is because I work on a company that uses Plone but I'm working on a "Yanged without Zope" version of Yanged (I could do this because Yanged is a method not code or something like this)

This is only my opinion but I find your weblog and I can't resist to comment here


Eres hispano hablante no? De donde concretamente? (yo ando cerca de Barcelona)

Posted by: Garito at junio 08,2008 18:09
Re: Plone vs Zope

Hi Garito.

Well, as far as I know, the Zope3 approach is closer to the new frameworks (like django, turbogears or pylons). Seems to be more oriented to developers, that is, python developers, than to final users.

Zope2 has the ZMI, which let users to create simple websites with a point-and-click philosophy. Of course with Zope2 you can write Products in pure python, but that is not the same idea that the one behind Zope3 interfaces and components.

I've not tested Zope3 yet, but I've worked with both Zope2 and some of the new python frameworks out there, and I like both approaches to web development. They all have their pros and their cons.

Y si, hablo español, vivo en Galicia (lo que me queda un poco lejos de Barcelona :D)

Posted by: Wu at junio 13,2008 13:46
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