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This site is an effort to share some of the base knowledge I have gathered through all this years working with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Python or Zope, among others. So, take a look around and I hope you will find the contents useful.
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05 mayo

The Flower Power Sprint

The third one already in naxos!

Flying towards Greece

Exactly one month ago I had a long traveling day with r0sk. We left Lugo in the middle of the night and we got in a plane in A Coruña while it was still dark outside.

After a one-hour-and-something flight we arrived in Barcelona, where we got in another plane, this time the destination was Athens, Greece. We were on our way to one of our regular International Pizza sprints, when all the people working on the same project meet to work hand by hand for a few days (and then have lots of fun, of course).

We did stay in Athens for a short time, but there was time enough to meet our friends George, Javier and Pantelis for some drinks and dinner, everything organized by our Athenian host, Panos. We had a really good time there.

On the next day we took the boat at the pireus port, destination Naxos, the biggest island in the Cyclades (yeah! once more!).

Relaxed travel by boat, I had the cycling helmet and a good book with me

It took us around 5 hours to get to Naxos. We had plenty of time to talk with Panos and Rika and update ourselves a bit on how everybody has been doing for the last couple of years (specially with Rika, as I hadn't met her since 2013).

Just before arriving, the boat did a short stop in the island of Paros, it was time to go to the back of the boat and enjoy this view I love every time I go there.

The port of Paros (left) The port of Paros (middle) The port of Paros (right)

In Naxos, Sascha was waiting for us at the port. It was midday and we were hungry, so we had the first lunch in naxos (good quality food, as always!).

Sascha, Oscar, Panos and me, having lunch with views of the port of Naxos

We spent 10 days in the island, with 3 work days, 1 resting day (cycling!!), 3 more work days and 2 social days (that is, having fun all the team together). The last day in the island was mostly for packing up and taking the boat back to Athens.

For this sprint, Sascha found a very nice small house in a village in the mountains, Damarionas. Really nice and comfortable house, with everything we needed and awesome views.

The views from the roof of the house in Damarionas The view from the office early in the morning, with laptop and fresh coffee One of the narrow paths in Damarionas, between the houses A square in Damarionas, nice classic aegean island styled one

During this sprint we met the new team member for the first time, Grigori, and we had a very nice coding sprint (well, I had a tough time due to a problem in our production server, which took me off the sprint workflow for a while). We worked in a variety of places, in the house rented for the sprint as well as in some cafés

Oscar, Panos, Sascha and Grigori, working from a café in Halki

Sascha and me went cycling. As he liked to call it, my personal "cycling training camp". We had some nice rides and lots of fun (I even did beat the 100km barrier). He lend me his Kona Jake, which fit me perfectly well (same size and geometry as mine).

Me, sitting in the shadow of the church in Stavros Sascha, sitting in the shadow of the church in Stavros

In the social days we did a social ride, on the dirt roads by the beaches, in hybrid bikes provided by Naxos Bikes. We also went to a climbing/bouldering gym and we did our traditional walk/hike to the temple of Dimitras.

We had lots of good moments during the sprint (it wasn't only working and cycling ;-P), we ate lots of good food... Just another great sprint!

You should check both betabug's and r0sk's posts about it (r0sk has looots of good pics also!)

Here are some more pics I took myself:

We all wearing our sprint t-shirts The old building for what once was a Kafeneion in Kaloxilos View of some hills from the road that goes to Hora (1) View of some hills from the road that goes to Hora (2) The little port of moutsouna, with some waves breaking against shore Me and Oscar, so happy to be in the sprint Sascha looking over a road we were about to ride on Me looking over a snake of a road I climbed Oscar at the climbing/bouldering gym Sascha climbing, Oscar looking at him Me during the social ride Panos, Oscar and Sacha, under some shade in Mikri Vigla Panos, Sascha and me, unpacking the stuff to go for a swim Panos, me and Sascha, enjoying some milkshakes after the social ride Walking/hiking towards Dimitra's temple The famous Portara of Naxos, from the boat I've the Portara in my hands!

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