Short summary of the first three months of 2011
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This site is an effort to share some of the base knowledge I have gathered through all this years working with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Python or Zope, among others. So, take a look around and I hope you will find the contents useful.
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19 abril

Short summary of the first three months of 2011

Lot of stuff happened, too bad I didn't find the time to write about everything

Wow, three months without writing even replies to your comments on some old posts. This should not happen, not again.

Let me write a short summary of what happened during this time that kept me so busy that I couldn't find some spare time to keep you up-to-date.

First things first (or business is business if you prefer). So, starting with my job, I took some decissions by the end of 2010 (as the result of some thoughts and oppinions I gathered through the last 4-5 months of last year) which lead me to a frenzy day-by-day of decissions, meetings, paperwork and planning. That has been probably 70% of my time (and headaches) since last december.

I decided to split my efforts and dedicate some more time to some ideas and projects that had been in my suitcase for some time. The kind of projects you try to release to the public from time to time, but you never find the time to do it. I built a plan for each project, with roadmaps, deadlines, etc, and I've been working really really hard to achieve the goals I've set to myself.

As the result of all this work, the first project is already online, Zavo (, which is an online service (SaaS style) for lawyers, attorneys, judges, etc that consist in a webapp that let them manage customers data (CRM), courts, cases, documents, notifications, events and a lot more stuff. With this service they can manage everything using an easy-to-use web interface powered by some python software (built on top of Zope and django). It has been a great experience to work on that project, setting everything up, and doing it (imho) the right way.

There are another two projects that will be released during 2011, so I expect to be busy for quite some time.

On the other side, I'm back in the freelancer business. Codigo23 website will be up & running in the next few weeks, offering some information about the company services, and I already have contracts with some customers to work on some projects, both related with sysadmin tasks (\o/) and software development (yes, lucky me, related to python).

Being a freelancer is good, really good. Of course there are a lot of things to deal with, and you've to be quite responsible, but you can manage your own time and efforts in a better way, and you can choose which kinds of jobs you want to do.

If you don't trust me, go ask my friend betabug, which is back as a freelancer too after being working exclusively for the same company for the past few years. Who knows, perhaps we will be able to team up for some projects soon ;D.

Back to me, I've learn a lot of things during these past three months.

I've worked for the first time with things like wsgi (writing some stuff directly as wsgi applications, not setting it up existing apps like django or trac, which I already did in the past), Mako (which is a dammed good templating system for python apps) or django-piston (a django app to create RESTful APIs in your apps).

I've read about TDD (Test Driven Development) and I started to write tests in my code. I've played for some time with sphinx (a documentation generator used in projects like python, django, sqlalchemy or blender) and now I'm using it to manage documentation within my projects (developers, users and admins documentation).

I've been working a lot with FreeBSD, with Jails and with the GELI crypto framework for encrypting disks and partitions under FreeBSD.

I've spent some time working with (and trying to understand) Zenoss, which is a really damned powerful beast.

So, as you can see, I hadn't the time nor to write some lines here in the blog neither to get bored at all.

I'll try to write more frequently again, as I've a lot of small articles and tutorials in my suitcase again, probably all of them quite boring, but I've to share them with you, you know...

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Re: Short summary of the first three months of 2011

Hey! Zavo looks really good, congratulations!

Posted by: Juanjo at abril 20,2011 09:19
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