Enjoying Japanese food (again!)
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19 agosto

Enjoying Japanese food (again!)

Yesterday I had dinned at the Toyama restaurant in A Coruña

Yesterday, after being for 5 hours in IKEA, I had dinner in a really nice Japanese Restaurant called Toyama (A Coruña, Avda General Sanjurjo, 36). We were 5 people and we had different menus for each one + some mixed tempura. The food was quite good, take a look at this picture of the sushi:

Some sushi I had at the Toyama Restaurant

I've been a lot of times in Japanese restaurants (I like asian food a lot) and I've to say that this one is quite good, and it is not one of the more expensive ones.

The place doesn't look like the usual Japanese restaurant (previously it was a café) but there are some Japanese decoration stuff all over the place and the environment is really nice and peaceful.

The people from the restaurant itself were quite nice too, and that is something I always like in this kind of restaurants.

The price, as I've said, is quite reasonable, 17-20 euro a menu that contains soup, a salad, sushi and some extra stuff, and you have a good variety of options.

Oh!, and you can even have some Japanese beer, this Sapporo Beer was quite good too:

I tried Sapporo beer too

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Re: Enjoying Japanese food (again!)

Last friday, finaly, some friends of mine took me to a japanese restaurant so I could taste the dishes of this culture.

I have to say that I was somehow distrustful about the way they prepare the meals.

But the dinner turned out to be a great experience, mostly because we sat at the Teppan-yaki and the chef gave us a very enjoyable show and tasteful dishes.

I loved the yakisoba and the makis were tasty too, but shushi was somehow disappointed. I don't mean that it has a bad taste, but it wasn't what I expected.

And, of course, it was my first time using chopsticks... but I did it quite well :D

Posted by: foz at agosto 24,2010 12:12
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