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This site is an effort to share some of the base knowledge I have gathered through all this years working with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Python or Zope, among others. So, take a look around and I hope you will find the contents useful.
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20 marzo

On a saturday morning

a lot of things could happen

Today I woke up early (for a saturday), it was like 9:30 or so. After having a quick shower I went for a haircut (I really needed it), and it was the first haircut in a while that was not an almost-shaved-head one (I'm used to do the haircuts at home by myself).

Once the haircut was finished I went to a quite place and I had a coffee while reading a book (Brave New World actually). After a while my girlfriend and her brother joined me and we went together for a walk and some shopping.

Some time later we met some friends to have some beers and tapas and I had to go to a supermarket to buy some things before lunch.

And then it happened ;D. In my way back home (I went alone to the supermarket), when I was almost in the street where my gf's mother lives, a guy just stopped me on the street. It was like in a movie, the guy asked me to stop and carefully, with that worried-about-being-watched look in his eye, he draw a small box out of a rucksack. It was a brand-new iphone box.

Then he looked around, like trying to find out if someone else was staring at us and he whispered to me:

"hey man, look, it is a brand-new iphone, and it will be only for you, really cheap man, really cheap, you will find no other cheaper than this one!"

I would like to see my own face, my expression, because I was absolutely astonished, that guy was offering me an iphone like it could be offering me some drug in a cyberpunk novel, LOL.

I told him I wasn't interested at all, but he tried to convince me, in fact, it seemed like he wasn't going to allow me to keep walking until I bought the iphone, so I told him:

"c'mon man, I'm not interested at all and, in the end, this iphone thing is totally crap, you know, nowadays there are better stuff out there"

You should have seen his face... he didn't expect it and then he looked like what I think it could be my own face some minutes before... LOL

Then I started walking again, and the guy just keep walking too, probably searching for someone else to buy his probably recently stolen iphone.

Posted by wu at 14:34 | Comments (2) | Trackbacks (0)
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Re: On a saturday morning

Common, iPhone is not that crappy ;-) ... nice post anyway and I hope you'd enjoy A Brave New World as much as I did.

Posted by: saad at marzo 21,2010 23:00
Re: On a saturday morning

Yes, it is not *that* crappy, that's why I told him that, to shock him! (probably he thought that a young guy with a laptop bag would be a perfect customer that would never say something like that).

Oh!, and I'm enjoying the book (I've just reached the middle of it), thnx!

Posted by: Wu at marzo 22,2010 09:35
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