Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account
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This site is an effort to share some of the base knowledge I have gathered through all this years working with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Python or Zope, among others. So, take a look around and I hope you will find the contents useful.
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11 noviembre

Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

basically because I don't want to...

A lot of people have been asking me the same question everytime for some months now:

Why don't you have a Twitter account?

Or, the slightly-modified version:

Why don't you have a Facebook account?

The answer is quite straight (imho):

Because I don't want to

But, let me explain myself a little bit about that topic.

If you are a close friend of mine, or you know me even only a little bit, you will know that I'm not the kind of guy that like things everybody like. Yes, that's how I am (and I'm really happy to be like this), I don't like to go to places where everybody goes or do things everybody do or use things everybody use, only because everybody go there, do that or use this. I need to check things by myself and see if I like them (ok ok, you can think now that I'm one of those exclusivity snobs that don't like things only because people use/do/go/whatever them, it could be another point of view ;D).

And I definetely don't like Twitter or Facebook.

Why? (you may be asking yourself)

Well, in the case of Twitter, I don't find it useful at all. Do not misunderstand my point, I can understand that someone could find it useful, but I don't. I don't get the point of sharing sms-like messages in a single website. If I want to write about something, I would write an article about it and the publish it somewhere. If I want to write some lines about me (my personal life, my professional experiences, whatever) I would write a post in my weblog (which is like a personal log, which makes sense to me) and if I want to communicate with someone else I would talk with that person using IRC or any other kind of instant messaging tool (or I would send this person an email if she is not available for a conversation).

I don't get the point of writing sms-sized messages in a website... sorry, even if you can subscribe using rss or use that shiny-cool-megatop app in your iphone|android|palm|nintendoDS|PSP|whatever device to read and write messages. For me it is a waste of time and some sort of re-invention of the wheel.

Of course, it is cool, because you are limited to a certain ammount of characters... WTF!. I can write too much (or too many) characters as I want in my blog!

In the case of Facebook it has nothing to do with it being useful or not. I think that the social networking idea is useful, a lot, but only if you use it properly.

Perhaps there is something wrong about me, but I can't understand why someone created two days ago a group in Facebook to support a guy here in spain that called vodafone and waited 22 hours for the call to be cancelled by the other side, while listening to the usual standby music and I can't understand that such group grew up to more than 1500 people friends. One again, a waste of time.

I don't have a Facebook account because I would not trust an external provider on having personal information about me and what is worse (imho), to have information about my relations with other people. Call me paranoid, it is ok.

I don't have a Facebook account because I would not like to receive spam messages from Facebook itself, asking me to join some stupid "have your farm" or "build your cookies" game, or asking me to fullfill some stupid poll about my favourite sport, food or country, etc etc

Another interesting point of view about Facebook is this post from Eric Florenzano, where it covers some numbers about Facebook, and how it is the "big one" out there in social networking. From there you could get another point of view, as Eric talks about the capabilities of Facebook connect and some other APIs that you can use to add Facebook support to your webapps (which has nothing to do with me not having an account, but I think it is interesting enough).

There are a lot more reasons not to be in Facebook, but I think that probably the one that would show my oppinion at best is that I do have an account on Linkedin.

Oh, and just in case you are right now wondering if I only dislike Twitter and Facebook because they are some kind of famous now and everybody is using them. This is not the reason at all. There are some other services, like Flickr which I find useful (even if I don't have an account, because I'm not a guy that take good photos).

And that, my friends, is why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account.

Posted by wu at 17:01 | Comments (16) | Trackbacks (0)
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Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Better in Spanish: Tienes razón en todos y cada uno de los motivos por los que no usar ninguno de estos experimentos dospuntocero y te aplaudo por ello.

Yo sin embargo casi siempre me dejo llevar por las modas de las nuevas redes sociales, me gusta ver las funcionalidades que ofrecen, las opciones... y hasta quizás se pueden aprender cosillas "técnicas" en cuanto a desarrollo web.

Y la conclusión siempre es la misma, un buen aspecto gráfico, una cantidad considerable de recursos y un montón de tiempo perdido en mensajitos de 140 caracteres que no llevan a nada o en fotos, perfiles, encuestas...

Así que -una vez más- tengo que darte la razón. Eso sí, tengo que reconocer que Twitter me ha permitido seguir a personas que no conocía de nada y tener otra percepción sobre ellas.

Posted by: r0sk at noviembre 12,2009 00:24
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Bueno, tu precisamente eres una de esas personas que me conoce bastante bien ;D

Como ya dije, comprendo perfectamente que haya gente a la que le resulte útil, e incluso podría admitir que tenga cierta utilidad como "directorio", es decir, un sitio donde tu vas y te asocias con (o sigues a) determinada gente y gracias a eso puedes conocer otra gente que es seguida por esos contactos. Pero solo le veo la utilidad tanto en cuanto eso te sirva para luego acceder a un blog o algo similar, donde realmente "seguir" a esa persona.

No se, a mi el rollo de poner todos los dias "buenos dias" en twitter, o poner que estas viendo el partido de los celtics o que estas jugando a la consola, o que estas por ahi de paseo... no se, no le veo la lógica (llamame tozudo).

Eso si, siempre he mantenido una postura firme en todos estos temas relacionados con el software en general, y es que lo bueno de esto es poder elegir. 200 y pico billones de personas (con b) tienen cuenta en facebook, pero eso no implica que yo tenga que tenerla, es decir, podemos decidir y usar lo que mas nos guste/convenga dentro de un monton de posibilidades... y eso es genial!

Posted by: Wu at noviembre 12,2009 16:25
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Haaaiiii .... thats make two of us .... I don't have facebook or twitter also ..... glad to know somebady has the same reason of not having two of those ... ;)

Posted by: Dewi at enero 15,2010 01:12
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

I totally and utterly agree with you in everything you've said. (I don't have neither Facebook nor Twitter anymore) And, by the way, you may find interesting to hear (read) that I, a 14-year-old girl, think I'm just like you in the things you like. It's great to know that I'm not the only one.

Posted by: Courtny at junio 07,2010 00:25
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Hey, excellent post. I don't have (and never had) any account on Twitter nor Facebook either. And I also have an account on Linkedin. Of course we are not the only ones. I'm sure we are plenty out there. But I'm glad someone pointed out all the good reasons why we are not into those networks. Keep it up !

Posted by: Luc at noviembre 15,2011 10:28
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Hey Luc!, thnx for commenting on my blog.

Well, being honestly, I do have a twitter account now (@WuShell). I opened it during 2010 mostly because my friends were requesting me to create an account there day by day. Then I found it very useful while attending the europython 2010 in birmingham, it helped me a lot to get in touch with people after conference time and to know about the pubs where people were meeting at evening/night.

I've been using twitter since then, mostly to keep in touch with some people I knew at the europython conferences and to keep up-to-date with certain stuff (like django or freebsd).

So, yes, I now have some reasons to have a twitter account (even if I still don't have a facebook account, which I don't need - yet)

Posted by: Wu at noviembre 15,2011 11:50
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

I have a twitter account but honestly i think it´s a little bit borring...facebook i don´t have one, well maybe because it´s akward everyone knows EVERYTHING about your life, it´s not good.

Posted by: jenny at diciembre 04,2011 19:06
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I use to have a facebook a long time ago before it got..weird. I mean it's everywhere! I can't even comment/join some sites without a facebook account. I can't talk to certain people anymore without them talking about something they saw on facebook or what this person tweeted. Hey lets talk about things that actually matter? -_- It's very annoying.
And being a college student without a facebook/twitter account is very weird to some people. (We're an endangered species.)
Also this "I don't like to go to places where everybody goes or do things everybody do or use things everybody use, only because everybody go there, do that or use this" You just described me to the 'T'. (apple products-over it!)
Nice article!

Posted by: kei at agosto 24,2012 06:39
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Yeah, great article. Very much agree, mainly with the first answer to the question - "Because I don't want to". I think it is a thing of hype which has swallowed many different people of different ages, all of which are pretty sadass in my opinion, especially the ones with 1000 plus friends. Take it or leave it, it shouldn't be so integrated into the web; people should be able to comment on all websites without it.

Posted by: Johnny at septiembre 11,2012 02:03
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

my thoughts exactly. people always ask me why i deleted my facebook account? like I am abnormal. the truth is I really don't need it. i live an active busy life and meet more than enough people in the real world! if someone wants to meet me in the real world they can call me, email me, skype me from the other side of the planet and arrange to meet me or just say hello. its a private message between me and them. I can cc an email to more than one friend. attach pictures and so on.,,
I just don't need facebook or twitter feeds from politicians or preachers. if I need information i can find it in a search engine. by the way, what search engines do people recommend? i get tired of people googling the internet!! haha

Posted by: ben at mayo 22,2013 02:53
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Interesting article! I am glad there are still many people out there who aren't on(F&T). Even after these many years and all the hype and hop, i am not deterred by folks asking me how come or why i am not on either one.

Ya, simply because i dont choose to. I can still comment, share, write on the web like i am doing now, at my own whim and fancy and on a more personal level. Doesnt matter if a larger part of the world doesnt get to see it.

Incidently, i was bordering on the thought of the pros and cons if a blogger wasnt connected to either one ?.

Just so..as i am in the midst of creating a blog myself and it will be a good analysis. Still i do value my privacy and dont wish to share with people i have not chosen to connect and plus all the points you raised.

I am on Pinterest though..and i quite like it. I dont follow, i just pin what i like and personally find it more appealing for its graphic/photoprints/art form.

Happy blogging!!/Z
Feb, 2014

Posted by: Fountain at febrero 15,2014 02:44
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

That was an interesting explanation which I have thought about many times when people ask me the same question.And I also think that we are not endangered or "different"....whether people using these social networking sites and showing off are abnormal,is debatable.But those who are happy without it are perfectly normal and in my opinion,more social as well.the true fact,whether we agree or not is that, social networking is making us unsocial in real life.

Posted by: Chandraneev Sarkar at marzo 09,2014 16:18
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Hi guys

I don't have any of these piss accounts that society seems to think it's normal to have. Why?? I don't like the idea of being spied on. I have nothing to hide, I just can't be assed with it.

So mr twitter and mr Facebook can kiss my ass. I am an individual not a sheep.

So I applaud anyone like me and I take my hat off to them

Posted by: Dawoods at marzo 13,2014 21:35
14 and facebook-less

I do use twitter for promotion of my website. But I have no personal twitter and do not use facebook at all- not for my website or me or anything.
1. It tells everyone where I live and where I work and my full name and my phone number and everytime you set the privacy, it resets it. Hello perverts. I'm pretty much asking you to kidnap me.
2. I don't have the time or patience to do that. I actually have to post things? Regularly? Forget it. I have no motivation.

Twitter, I get why people could use it, but I have no need. The obvious is to talk to your friends. I might use it for that except I don't have any friends so it's pointless.

It's good for promoting my website but too much work otherwise.

Posted by: Cass at abril 18,2014 20:30
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

The only thing I'm asking is how you are speaking English and don't know it's "neither . . . nor" and not "nor . . . neither".

Also, I've had NEITHER a Facebook NOR a Twitter account. It isn't that special. Just don't sign up. No need to pat yourself on the back about it.


Posted by: Ash at julio 26,2014 05:17
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Pardon me if you're ESL, in advance . . .

Posted by: Ash at julio 26,2014 05:19
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

@Ash: yeah, I'm ESL, you know, spanish guy, studied some english in high school, then learnt some more by myself, never attended additional classes or something. So, yeah, my english could be really crappy sometimes, thanks for reminding me about it.

Also, I wasn't patting myself in the back, just writing something in my personal blog that I felt like writing.

Finally, I wrote this back in 2009, nowadays I still don't have a facebook account, but I do have a twitter account, which proved to be quite useful for certain things during the past few years.

Anyway, thanks for your really "constructive" comments.

Posted by: Wu at julio 26,2014 12:51
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

what just happened to my info and comment I just posted. I work for the Better Business Bureau GBI and I will be on you. nah I'm just messing with you what happened to my post? you see that's the reason I don't do Facebook. and Twitter. because like this website it's all a bunch of bullshit lost in cyber f*** space I suppose. you never know what you say where it going. people misi. you can say I'm having a great day they may think you're sarcasticnterpret what you say

Posted by: Alvis severus at septiembre 20,2014 05:22
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

why I have not a twitter nor a facebook. that must be the proper English. people as a whole unity. are weak and selfish. but a person that stands alone I love him to death. my whole working life I've had experience with people in masses. they are relentless unforgiving and will trample you over. one kind sole can come to you and give you his clothes off his back. like chickens pecking at the one that is different. humans are very similar. I do not favor cultism. to me it seems as if. Facebook is a bunch of chickens white. ready to be controlled by the master

Posted by: Alvis severus at septiembre 20,2014 05:33
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

I would rather have my face on a real book. a sonnet perhaps in which I wrote. then to be famous but to all my peers of what I post on my page. then to take art I did not create off the internet. in which to express myself. . to be proud of someone else's artwork as if it was mine. is a shameful wrongdoing to Who I am.

Posted by: Alvis severus at septiembre 20,2014 05:46
can not access Facebook account

Bloody hell!!!

Posted by: chris at noviembre 15,2014 00:32
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

I am 18 years old, and I don't use fb or twitter because I hate today's youth... what they find fun I find boring... When I get home the last thing I'd be doing is socializing with your generic 15-20 year old.

I am only interested in being friends with unique people which don't follow the crowd and talk about trivial things (e.g. sex, drugs, partying, celebrities, brands)

Posted by: dogface at mayo 09,2015 08:15
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Seems that once there is a modern technology people start using to attack ufo believers - everything goes downhill with that technology. And if people start behaving sheepishly with that technology then I can´t use it - it slowly becomes completely impossible. On FB it started with name issues and on Twitter it´s starting with photo upload issues. Guess idealism rules because science.

Posted by: Ásgeir Valur Sigurdsson at septiembre 16,2015 23:35
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Just did a search to see if I was the only person on the planet who is not on any social media.
I am happy to find out I am not alone.
If I want to tell someone something I will either ring on a phone - visit them and share a chat over a coffee or beer - if necessary I will email (taking over from when I would post a letter).
I do not see a need for anything else

Posted by: Thommo at septiembre 24,2015 07:57
Re: Why I don't have nor a Twitter neither a Facebook account

Hear hear!

In an age of human history where what we have to say to each other is less and less meaningful in general, there is no need to make such a big deal over communicating it.

I was on Facebook very briefly years ago and was repulsed by all the utter garbage there. While I agree that, used properly, it can be useful, I have better things to do with my time than "poke" people or answer a bunch of stupid questions to find out "what kind of serial killer would I be" or some such irrelevant garbage. Not to mention potential employers visiting your Facebook page and possibly misinterpreting what you say or forming an opinion of you based on what you post there.

I'd rather read books and hang out in person with my few REAL friends (and not "Facebook friends").

PS Ash has insecurity issues.

Posted by: traumaturgist at marzo 19,2016 23:18
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