Install party: upgrading my home boxes
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This site is an effort to share some of the base knowledge I have gathered through all this years working with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Python or Zope, among others. So, take a look around and I hope you will find the contents useful.
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22 octubre

Install party: upgrading my home boxes

...yes, finally I found some time to do this!

I would like to do this before, but the lack of time and, you know, sometimes desire...

But tonight is the night!, Right now I'm sitting in my home desk, Audioslave's Shadow On The Sound is the current song in the playlist, I've a beer with me, and FreeBSD 8.0-RC1 is being installed in my dual-xeon home box...

How many times like this I've had in my life... ;D and I really appreciate them.

I'll keep a log of this lonely bunker. First step, finishing the base install (minimal of course).

Installing FreeBSD 8.0-RC1

  • 23:32: Finished the installation. I used the usual layout for partitions and package selection, now to the post-configuration.

  • 23:36: Finished the post-configuration (network, NFS server, SSH access, added the wu user and root password, nothing more!

  • 23:38: Booted up the system, Fenris is back again, everything seems in place, now time to install some packages and put everything back in wu's home.

  • 23:42: Adding my USB-connected harddrives to the list of mounted partitions (following Adding Disks of course) and following some really funny discussions in #FreeBSD on Freenode.

  • 23:51 There are the hard drives:

    Fenris# mount /home
    Fenris# mount /mnt/seagate
    Fenris# mount /mnt/lacie
    Fenris# mount /mnt/iomega
  • 23:57: I've forgotten the experience of being in IRC at night, there is so much people from overseas talking everywhere... IRC channels that are usually dead by day are so alive at night...

  • 00:29: Installed some stuff, restored some config files from the previous version of the system and now...

    Fenris# make buildkernel KERNCONF=FENRIS
  • 00:56


    Fenris# make installkernel KERNCONF=FENRIS

  • 00:59 (Breaking Benjamin`s Follow now in the playlist) After a reboot with the new kernel (it booted ok):

    Fenris# make buildworld
  • 01:00 Reading Securing Network Services with FreeBSD Jails while the world is being compiled (I feel myself like being back 8 years ago in my small appartment in Coruña, hacking Sendmail in a Slackware box til late up night)

  • 01:20: Just discovered that r0sk and MarcosBL are awake, but tweeting instead of being like old-men in IRC... Trying to get them online...

  • 01:56: The Securing Network Services with FreeBSD Jails article was interesting enough, nothing new about jails to me (I've used them some times before) and nothing you can not learn reading the Handbook ( but it covers one interesting tool, ezjail a script that simplifies the usual tasks about jails a lot.

    I've been talking with r0sk for a while too (finally he joined in IRC) and I've got another beer ;D

  • 02:28: buildworld, installworld and mergemaster finished, restored more config files from the backup (after a reboot) and mostly installed the needed software. Let's go now into installing the needed desktop software.

  • 03:23 Et Voilá, needed packages installed and tested. Of coutse the desktop will need a little bit of customization, you know, but I think it is time to go to bed! FINISHED INSTALL PARTY

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