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27 septiembre

More nasty things about Firefox

I'm getting really tired of this crappy browser

I've written some things about Firefox before. I've found some other annoying things about the browser since then, but lately one specific issue is getting me really mad.

I've Firefox 3.5 installed in my laptop and, as it is a laptop, sometimes I've Internet access, sometimes not. Each time I try to use Firefox without Internet access (for example, to access some webapps running in my laptop web server, http://localhost/whatever), it sets automatically the so-called offline mode and not only it doesn't allow me to load the webapp, but it keeps loading a cached copy if I had accessed the webapp before (while having Internet access).

And each time I have to go to the File menu, then I've to deactivate the offline mode manually!!! Each f**** time!!!**

I'm wondering who is responsible of that crap.

I'm even more dissapointed after taking some time exploring the Firefox preferences, searching for some option to disable the automatic offline mode thing, just to notice that there is no option to do that.

So, after talking about this with a friend, he told me that there are some plugins to avoid that (WTF! Why a plugin for that?? are Firefox programmers too lazy to fix such an ugly thing by themselves?). He pointed me to the about:config page too (you know, the page where you have direct access to Firefox configuration options). I've checked it, and It was very funny to see the message they put in there to advice you that you can do some real damage in that page:

I don't know what the original message would look like, but the translation is really funny

I don't know what the original message would look like, but the translation is really funny ;D

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