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This site is an effort to share some of the base knowledge I have gathered through all this years working with Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Python or Zope, among others. So, take a look around and I hope you will find the contents useful.
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04 noviembre

Plone World Day 2008

Wanna learn about plone? you are welcome...

Plone World Day 2008

During next friday, november the 7th, people from different places all over the world will be celebrating the Plone World Day, an event to promote Plone, share knowledge and get involved with the project.

Talking with some mates at work yesterday, we decided to organize a meeting here in Lugo. Quickly we set up a shedule and we added the event to I also created a page in my wiki site (PloneWorldDay2008) with more information about the meeting.

There will be some talks and discussions about Plone, and some time to have some beers afterwards.

This afternoon the pre-inscription form will be avaliable (we have limited room, so we will ask people who like to attend to register themselves before friday) so, if you are interested in participate, just stay tuned!

UPDATE Now you can subscribe yourself in order to attend the event, use the subscription form to do it. It is very important that you subscribe yourself in order to attend the event!

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